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Bruce Arians can't handle defeat

Arizona Cardinals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Maybe Bruce Arians is upset that he could not steal a victory from the Dolphins following a crucial injury to Ryan Tannehill that forced him to leave the game, but ever since his team suffered a loss that ends their playoff hopes this season he has done nothing but complain about his brief appearance in South Beach.

It first started off with the weather. In his post-game conference, Arians claims that every time the Cardinals had the ball it was pouring. Does he not realize the Dolphins played in the same conditions? Did he not watch the last drive where Moore completed a 29 yard pass to Stills in a monsoon?

“We practiced with a wet ball on Wednesday and didn’t have any problems,” Arizona coach Bruce Arians said, via the AP. “But when it continually pours when you have the ball, which was kind off odd, it’s tough.”

It didn't stop with him though. Multiple Cardinal players actually believed their head coach. I think he brainwashed them.

“Every time we had the ball, it just started turning on and staying on,” Carson Palmer said. “Then it would stop.”

“Every time we got the ball it seemed like it was pouring, like a monsoon,” receiver J.J. Nelson added.


In addition to this, Arians believes the Dolphins were the reason the Cardinals botched their one XP.

The Dolphins won the game 26-23! I had a lot of respect for Arians, but his team did not show up on Sunday and it is time for him to move on to his first meaningless game. of the year. Start thinking draft picks Bruce.