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Week 14: Miami Dolphins Stock Watch

Miami beat the Arizona Cardinals this weekend, a team that only last year went deep into the playoffs. Let’s check out who performed well, and who didn’t on Sunday.

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Ryan Tannehill aside - and he may be back in a few weeks as it appears his ACL and MCL is not torn, but sprained - Miami took one step closer to the playoffs with a big win over the Arizona Cardinals. This was a win that, several weeks ago, many saw the Dolphins losing. Yet they didn't, and this season could very well be our first winning seasons and years, or perhaps even a long-awaited trip to the playoffs.

Time to check out whose stocks are up, and down....

Stock Up

Jarvis Landry, WR

Jarvis Landry must now be considered one of Miami's best players, if not THE best player. He's excellent at punt returning and receiving. One of the best plays of the game against Arizona was when he broke 2 tackles for 71 yards as he jetted down the sideline towards the Arizona half, turning a short pass into a long gain. At the end of the game he made 4 catches for 103 yards. Clear some cap space Miami, we'll need to pay this guy big in a few seasons time.

Kenny Stills, WR

Yes, that's correct. Two Miami receivers are at the top of my list. Stills recorded 6 catches for 97 yards on Sunday. He made explosive plays and every time he had the ball in his hands it felt like things could happen, both for Tannehill and Moore.

Defense, Defense!

The whole defense played well this game. Against the run, they held David Johnson to 80 yards from 20 running attempts.  In the backfield, Bacarri Rambo, only added to the roster during the season, made an interception. Another backup player, Mike Hull, also made an interception, playing at linebacker. Moreover, the defensive ends continued to show their dominance, continually pressuring Carson Palmer and forcing him into making poor throws. This was a team effort. It wasn't just 1 or 2 players that shined; it was great to see such a diverse set of players making plays.

Matt Moore, Quarterback

He may now be competing with recent addition T.J. Yates, but Moore staked his claim for the top job after replacing Tannehill late in the 3rd. He twice found Stills in what turned out to be the game-winning drive, where Andrew Franks eventually went on to slot in the field goal for the win.

Stock Down

Anthony Steen, Center

You can't really fault any Dolphins player for pulling out such a big win. However, Steen did struggle when snapping the football on Sunday. Maybe it was the weather, but Steen does need to play better with no return over the horizon in site for resident center Mike Pouncey. For example, there was a hold by Steen that would have been an Ajayi touchdown. Then there was the missed block which resulted in Tannehill being sacked. Finally, the false start on 4th down and 1, on the Arizona 36 can't be forgotten. There were other plays, too. Must do better in the next game.

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter@AlexParish89.