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Ryan Tannehill injury update: Sprained ACL and MCL - No tears

The Miami Dolphins may have gotten some great news.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Gase held his Monday press conference and gave out what may be some great news about the knee injury to quarterback Ryan Tannehill:

Gase added that he was happy for Tannehill to receive the news of just a sprain, and not a tear that would require surgery and intensive rehab. (Technically, a sprain is a tear, but when someone says “torn ACL” they mean completely torn where a sprain is only a partial tear. Recovery time varies depending on the grade. And, that’s enough of the medical talk, back to the good news.) Gase also said he is not sure if Tannehill would be able to return to the field at some point this year, though sources have told various media members a Week 17 or Playoffs return is possible.

The injury occurred during the team’s game against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 14, when Tannehill threw a pass in the third quarter. Just after he released the ball, a defender slammed into Tannehill’s planted front leg, buckling his knee backwards. The quarterback laid on the field for several minutes, with trainers looking at him. He then walked to the sideline, spent some time on a table there before limping back to the locker room.

The team officially listed him as questionable to return, but it did not appear that he would be coming back. He did eventually return to the sidelines, but he was in street clothes and spent most of the time sitting on the bench with his leg up.

Tannehill was on crutches in the locker room after the game, with players and coaches coming up to him and hugging him. He did not take questions and left without making any statements.

Matt Moore will start for the Dolphins in Tannehill’s absence.