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Raingate? Bruce Arians finds it ‘kind of odd’ rain fell on Cardinals offense

Arizona Cardinals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins came into the 2016 season with a new head coach, a new offensive system, and a new defensive scheme. What they did not know was Adam Gase, hired to replace former head coach Joe Philbin, was also bringing with him the ability to control the elements.

Well, maybe.

“We practiced with a wet ball on Wednesday, and didn’t have any problems-but when it continually pours when you have the ball, which was kind of odd, it’s tough, it makes it tough,” Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said after his team’s loss to the Dolphins on Sunday.

Apparently, at least in Arians’ opinion, the rain chose to come down harder whenever the Cardinals had the ball rather than when the Dolphins were on offense. Of course, the Dolphins had plays like this

Usually a bubble screen pass does not end up two-yards behind the quarterback and result in a 21 yard loss, but clearly the rain did not impact Miami in the same way it did the Cardinals.

So, yes, Adam Gase controls the weather. It is a unique advantage he chose to unveil against the Cardinals this week. Just wait until you see what he does when the Patriots have the ball in Week 17.

Someone call Ted Wells. Forget DeflateGate 2.0, it’s time to investigate RainGate.

(Please note, I do not actually think Arians was accusing the Dolphins of anything untoward or that Gase actually can control the weather. It was just a funny quote.)