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Adam Gase talks release of Leon Orr following arrest

Gase was asked about the team’s move to waive the defensive tackle.

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins waived on Wednesday defensive tackle Leon Orr as soon as they heard about his Tuesday night arrest for possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. Orr had been pulled over while travelling on I-75 as he approached a toll-station due to illegal tint on his windows. As police approached the vehicle, they reported a strong smell of marijuana and found wax and bottles of liquid, all of which tested positive for THC.

During his media availability following Wednesday’s practice, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase discussed the move to waive Orr. “It is accurate,” Gase said of the initial reports that Orr had been arrested. “We released him during practice.”

Gase was asked if he was sending a message to the rest of the team by cutting Orr as soon as he found out about the arrest. “No. I just think that’s just … what it is,” he replied. “We’re in the middle of the season. We have priorities and this is the number one priority. If guys have other priorities, then they can go about their business somewhere else.”

Gase confirmed Orr did start practice with the team before being released.

“For us, the one thing that we do talk about quite a bit is being invested to each other,” Gase said of his overall message to the team. “That’s what it’s really about. There are a lot of people putting in a lot of work – players, coaches, staff members – to where everybody’s counting on everybody else to do the right thing. That’s really the only way that you have a chance to be successful. If we have people pulling in different directions and this isn’t their top priority, we’d rather not be around those type of people. That’s what our goal is to get as many guys in our building – whether it be players, coaches or staff members – that are invested in what we want to do, and that’s try to give ourselves a chance to be doing what we’re doing right now, which is competing in December and playing meaningful games and building for the future.”

The Dolphins promoted receiver Rashawn Scott, who spent training camp with the team and has been on the practice squad all year, to the 53-man roster to fill the spot vacated by Orr. The Dolphins have a question mark at receiver this week after a back injury to DeVante Parker during last week’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.