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Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Sit/Start: Week 13

Here’s who to start or sit in the Dolphins Week 13 lineup as the Ravens host the Fins on Sunday.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This is a big game with clear playoff implications and the Dolphins have not fared well against Baltimore in recent years. The offense seems to be able to shift to its personnel so who to start on the Dolphins is going to heavily rely on who is starting in the left side of the offensive line. At the time of writing this article it seems like Mike Pouncey is still out this week with a good chance to regain Brandon Albert and Laremy Tunsil. These two returning to the starting lineup bodes well for the run game.

Note: The point projections are based on a standard PPR league scoring (0.5 PPR) with fractional points.


Ryan Tannehill (QB) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 14.80 PTS

Tannehill had an incredible game last Sunday throwing three scores on 285 passing yards. There was a strong focus on the read option for Tannehill, which is most likely a gadget that was designed to spark the anemic running game. Tannehill is a solid starter when facing average defenses which is what he will see in Baltimore on Sunday.

Jarvis Landry (WR) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 11.35 PTS

Landry is all over the board this season with DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills emerging as legitimate down the field threats. This is great for the Dolphins, but is really hurting Landry’s status as a weekly starter on fantasy rosters. I am sticking with the fireball of a receiver, because I’m sure the week I pull him out of the starting lineup he’ll return a punt for a touchdown and catch eight passes for 90 yards.

Jay Ajayi (RB) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 11.36 PTS

The decimation of the offensive line has pushed Miami away from their run-first offense and hurt the fantasy production of Ajayi. The thing we can see is even when the run isn’t working Ajayi is still always the first option even after a couple sorry weeks. If Tunsil and Albert both return it should help open some creases for the J-Train to get rolling, but the big difference will be when Pouncey returns to the fold. Ajayi is good for at least one touchdown this week so I’d keep him in your starting lineup.

Kenny Stills (WR) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 6.00 PTS

The odds would say this week will be a quiet one for Stills as it seems to be every other week he has a big touchdown catch. With Parker in doubt for play time on Sunday, Stills fantasy stock shoots up as the only real downfield threat in the receiving corps. If Parker is cleared to start on Sunday I would pass on Stills this weekend, just keep a close eye on this situation as it develops this week.


Dolphins Defense/Special Teams – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 8.98 PTS

The Dolphins defense really stepped off the gas after starting the game forcing two turnovers in the first half and the first play of the second half. Once the offense put them up 31-10 and that’s when the defense started to play loose and to the Niners credit they converted that soft defense into points. Unless Jakeem Grant or Kenyan Drake take one to the house, it’s not worth starting this defense in Baltimore. I expect this to be a relatively offensive game with both teams scoring in the twenties.

Devante Parker – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 10.90 PTS

Well it was almost another huge game for Parker if it weren’t for his flailing two feet never getting down in bounds on his two big almost-catches. He’s showing that freak of nature athleticism that the Dolphins drafted, but must learn body control when coming down with the ball. The biggest reason I have Parker listed in the sit section is his cloudy status for this week’s game. Parker injured his back on his last almost-catch.