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Cameron Wake among PFF’s best for Week 9

Wake was a monster on Sunday, and PFF recognized him for it.

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NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins won their third straight contest on Sunday with a 27-23 win over the New York Jets. The Dolphins took their offense straight at the strength of the Jets, running the ball against the (former) number one rush defense in the league, and they found success doing it. The Dolphins also used their pass rush to disrupt the Jets all day, with Cameron Wake clearly leading the way.

Wake recorded four tackles with two sacks on Sunday, along with two forced fumbles. He was constantly in the backfield, while still working within the team’s snap count goal. Wake played 39 snaps of the 58 possible, but was good enough to be recognized as one of the best ten players in the league this week, according to Pro Football Focus:

6. Cameron Wake, DE, Miami Dolphins

Speaking of players with gas still left in the tank, Wake set about stamping his authority on the New York Jets in Miami’s win this week when it came to rushing the passer. Wake recorded a pair of sacks, plus three more hurries and another that was nullified by penalty on just 24 pass-rushing snaps. He showed the speed and burst that has been his hallmark over his career and proved that he is well deserving of a full-time role rather than the situational gig he had to open the season.

The Dolphins have slowly eased the 34-year old Wake back into a full starter’s role after he sustained an Achilles tear last year. The idea was to use Wake as a “pass-rush specialist” rather than a three-down defensive end, but he never seemed to get into a comfortable rhythm in that type of role. Now that the coaches are putting him out there nearly full-time, Wake is starting to respond by repeatedly reaching quarterbacks.

Through the first five weeks of the season, Wake had one sack. In the last three games, he has recorded four. The Dolphins are using Wake more, and he his showing them why they have to continue to allow him to play.

Wake was a menace on Sunday and, assuming his role continues to be the same the rest of the season, he should continue to get after the quarterback the rest of 2016.