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Reasons to be thankful we are not Jet fans

San Francisco 49ers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

They Thought This Was The Year

I understand that the same could be said for Miami Dolphin fans. Yes, some of us claim that we have a chance at the playoffs every single offseason, but as someone who lives in New Jersey, they actually thought this was the year they would bring the Lombardi Trophy back home. All of them thought this! I live with a couple Jet fans and they were convinced that the offseason signing of Matt Forte would propel them into the Super Bowl. I had to listen to it all summer. I should've told them about Jay Ajayi, but at least they know who he is now. (Cmon Jay. Make me proud)

They also consistently talked about how Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall would be one of the best combos in the league. How is that turning out? The two have performed awful and it is safe to say Fitzpatrick has lost his ‘magic’ this season. Also, why is Brandon Marshall talking smack about Byron Maxwell? He hasn't played well this season and I am not sure what you are trying to prove with that. You aren't going to make the playoffs anytime soon.

Ryan Fitzpatrick/Todd Bowles Situation

Although our QB situation is complicated, I am happy that I do not have to deal with the circus that is going on with the Jets situation. Can you imagine Adam Gase pulled the stunt that Todd Bowles did? In an interview with Rich Cimini after the 28-3 loss against the Cardinals, Bowles reassured that Fitzpatrick would be the starter.

Ok. So, Fitzpatrick is going to play against the Ravens next week? You wouldn't lie would you?

WHAT?! I cannot believe in less than 48 hours, Bowles retracted his statement about how Fitzpatrick was the starter. The worst part about this situation is the fact that Geno got injured in the game against the Ravens then Fitzpatrick had to come back in. Can you imagine?

J-E-T-S Chant

For the last couple of years, I have attended the Dolphins-Jet game at MetLife Stadium. I am so sick of this chant. It is alright to chant after they score. However, do you have to do it on every first down? How about on random third downs? When you successfully kick a PAT? Stop the madness.

Do Jet fans not realize that the man who created that chant was once a Dolphin fan? Yeah, Fireman Ed, the created of the chant, used to be a Miami fan because his father was a huge Dan Marino supporter. I always love giving that fun fact to Jet fans who want to run their mouth about how they have the best fan base in all of the NFL.


Dolphins 24 Jets 13