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NFL Power Rankings Week 13: Miami continues to win, climb rankings

Dolphins x 6 straight wins = Top 10 team?

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San Francisco 49ers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins’ last six games have all ended with Miami changing the number in their win column. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dolphins went from 1-4 to 2-4, then beating the Buffalo Bills made it 3-4, then after the bye week the New York Jets fell to make Miami 4-4. In Week 10, the San Diego Chargers lost to make Miami 5-4, then the Los Angeles Rams followed for Miami to move to 6-4. Now, the Dolphins dropped the San Francisco 49ers to climb to 7-4.

Six straight wins have meant the Dolphins have dramatically risen in the Power Rankings from around the web. Early this season, in the midst of their 1-4 start, the Dolphins were being ranked as low as 31st by some websites and were averaging a 28th place ranking. Last week, they received a sixth place ranking and averaged 11th in the NFL. Can they crack the top ten with their average ranking this week?

Each week, we take a look at some of the various NFL Power Rankings from around the web, seeing where the Dolphins are ranked and what other sites are saying about the team. Here is the Week 13 version of the Power Rankings review:

SB Nation

Week 13: 6

Last Week: 9

Comments: No team specific comments.

Fox Sports

Week 13: 10

Last Week: 12

Comments: The Dolphins have somehow made their way in the playoff picture, currently holding a spot over the likes of the Broncos. The run defense is still a question mark, as is the secondary, but Jay Ajayi has elevated the play of the offense in a huge way. The schedule hasn’t been difficult, but you can only beat the teams you play – and that’s what they’re doing.

USA Today

Week 13: 11

Last Week: 11

Comments: Ndamukong Suh is earning that paycheck. His game-saving tackle Sunday secured Miami’s first six-game win streak since Nick Saban’s days.


Week 13: 13

Last Week: 14

Comments: Kiko Alonso had a great rookie season with the Buffalo Bills in 2013. Then he basically disappeared for two injury-filled years, but is back now. He has 91 tackles, two interceptions, a forced fumble and is one of the biggest reasons the Dolphins are back in the playoff race.

CBS Sports

Week 13: 10

Last Week: 11

Comments: Winning six straight has them in the playoff hunt. Their game at Baltimore this week will feel like a playoff game.

Week 13: 11

Last Week: 10

Comments: The 7-4 record is fun for a fan base that has suffered enough in the post-Marino apocalypse. The Dolphins escaped for the second straight week, weathering a late surge by Colin Kaepernick and the almost-Browns-like 49ers on Sunday. On that note, Miami's win brought back memories of the narrow survival vs. Cleveland back in Week 3. The scores were almost identical (31-24 Sunday, 30-24 a couple months back). Of course, before Sunday, the Dolphins hadn't played any quarterback who was going to rush for 113 yards. (Heck, it didn't look like Jared Goff would make that throwing the ball for most of the game vs. Miami in Week 11.) That's a tough in-game adjustment to make, to say the least. It's also quite tough to keep a team in the top 10 that should've lost last week to the Rams (who lost to the Saints 49-21 on Sunday, by the way) and barely beat the 49ers this week. Thoughts? (@HarrisonNFL)


Week 12: 12

Last Week: 11

Comments: The Dolphins have won six straight for the first time since 2005, Nick Saban's first year as head coach of the team. Think about that for a minute. The Dolphins look for their first seven-game win streak since 1985 when they play at Baltimore this week.


Week 13: 12

Last Week: 15

Comments: No Comments.

Bleacher Report

Week 13: 10

Last Week: 10

Comments: No Branden Albert. No Mike Pouncey. No Laremy Tunsil.

No problem.

This Dolphins team doesn't use offensive line injuries as an excuse. The remaining linemen just paved the way for a 358-yard afternoon against a desperate 49ers club.

It did so in uncharacteristic fashion. Jay Ajayi rushed for 45 yards—not nearly enough to carry Miami as he had in past weeks. It came down to Ryan Tannehill to connect on "wow" throws, and he did. A second-quarter pass to Dion Sims and a third-quarter throw to Kenny Stills both fell in that category.

The defense took it from there. Kiko Alonso notched 12 tackles and a big pick. Ndamukong Suh stopped Colin Kaepernick on the game's last play. I'm impressed.

Looking forward: It's been tough sledding for Ajayi of late. It gets even tougher this week against the run-stuffing Ravens.

Sports Illustrated

Week 13: Not posted.

Last Week: 6

Comments: Not posted.

Niners Nation

Week 13: 11

Last Week: 15

Comments: No comments.

Arizona Republic

Week 13: Not posted.

Last Week: 11

Comments: Not posted.

Detroit Free Press

Week 13: 7

Last Week: 8

Comments: Would’ve been nice had they beaten a lifeless team like the Niners by more than a touchdown, but a win’s a win and that’s not six consecutive for Miami.


  • Week 13 Average: 10
  • Week 12 Average: 11
  • Change: +1
  • Highest Week 13 Ranking: 6 (SB Nation)
  • Lowest Week 13 Ranking: 13 (Yahoo)
  • Highest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 6 (Sports Illustrated - Week 12; SB Nation - Week 13)
  • Lowest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 31 (NFL/USA Today - Week 5)
  • Highest Average Weekly Ranking: 11 - Week 12
  • Lowest Average Weekly Ranking: 28 - Week 5