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Dolphins uniforms: Time to rock the throwbacks again

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It might not be Thursday, but it is time for some Throwback fun. The Miami Dolphins will break out their 1966 throwback jerseys for the second time this season when they kickoff against the San Francisco 49ers Sunday afternoon. The team wore the uniforms earlier this year when they beat the Bufalo Bills 28-25 in Week 7.

The Dolphins first broke out the throwback look during a December 14, 2015 game against the New York Giants. The Dolphins were celebrating their 50th season in the NFL with the throwback look.

Miami hosts the San Francisco 49ers later today in a third straight game against a California franchise. In Week 10, the Dolphins beat the San Diego Chargers and in Week 11 they were victorious over the Los Angeles Rams. Both of those game were on the road while today’s contest is in Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

Kickoff, in the throwback jerseys, will occur at 1pm ET.