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Reasons I Am Thankful for the Miami Dolphins

Tennessee Titan v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

They Make Mondays Better

The Miami Dolphins are on the cusp of a six game winning streak. The only thing that stands in their way is the San Francisco 49ers that currently sit as the second-worst team in the NFL. In previous years, Mondays would tend to be pretty rough because the Dolphins would lose games that they were supposed to win. However, this year is different, as the team has not lost a game in over a month. The last time the team won five in a row was in 2008 and we all know what happened this year. Can the team make it six in a row? I think they can.

Jay Ajayi Is A Monster

If you look around the league, it is pretty hard to find a back like Jay Ajayi. The former Boise State RB punishes defenders who dare try and tackle him with their arms. In fact, Ajayi is averaging 5.6 yards a carry, a statistic in which he leads the whole entire league. Yes, this even includes Ezekiel Elliot who is having an outstanding rookie season. I know I can count on Jay giving 100 percent effort in everything he does whether that includes pushing for the extra yard or blocking a blitzing linebacker so that Ryan Tannehill can step up a deliver a dart.

Ryan Tannehill Is Tough As Nails

There is no denying that Tannehill is tough. We saw it in the San Diego game when Tannehill delivered a touchdown bomb to Kenny Stills with a defender breathing down his neck. Even with a depleted offensive line, Ryan continues to be a leader on this team on and off the football field. As someone who is consistently critiqued by media outlets, it is time this man starts to get the credit he deserves.

Adam Gase Is A Leader

I am so glad the Miami Dolphins were able to secure Gase as their head coach. The first time head coach has overcome so much adversity. The Dolphins started off the year 1-4 and he was able to buckle down as the team’s culture has changed drastically since the Philbin era. If it wasn’t for Jason Garrett and the Cowboys being 10-1, Gase could’ve had a good chance at Coach of the Year. I just don’t see him beating the Garrett.