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NFL Week 12 Power Rankings 2016: Dolphins win streak continues and so does their climb

Dolphins win. Dolphins win. Dolphins win. Dolphins win. Dolphins win. Power rankings climb, climb, climb, climb, climb.

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another week of the NFL season is down, and the Miami Dolphins’ win streak continues. After a 1-4 start to the season, the team is now on a five-game winning streak, including a sweep over the last two weeks of the league’s two southern California franchises - the San Diego Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams.

Holding the second-longest win streak in the league should have Miami continuing their climb in the power rankings from around the internet. How high will the team rank before they face a third-straight California team, this time at home and a team from the northern part of the state, the San Francisco 49ers.

Each week, we take a look at some of the various NFL Power Rankings from around the web, seeing where the Dolphins are ranked and what other sites are saying about the team. Here is the Week 12 version of the Power Rankings review:

SB Nation

Week 12: 9

Last Week: 11

Comments: Both the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins have been overdue for a bit of a jump given their play in recent weeks and both went up some — although, neither team was particularly impressive in Week 11. The Dolphins were shut down on offense until the final two drives and somehow got things figured out just in time, and the Lions managed just 14 rushing yards against the Jaguars.

Fox Sports

Week 12: 12

Last Week: 16

Comments: The Dolphins won their fifth straight game, beating the Rams on a last-minute touchdown after mustering nothing on their first 11 drives. The defense has improved greatly since the start of the season, as has the offensive line, but this still isn’t a team that should scare a lot of people. The Dolphins haven’t exactly beaten the best teams, and their margins of victory are small. Still, their rise has been impressive and has them in the playoff hunt.

USA Today

Week 12: 11

Last Week: 11

Comments: Great shot to make first playoff trip in eight years. In Week 17, they host Patriots, only winning team left on scalding Fins' schedule.


Week 12: 14

Last Week: 19

Comments: You had to love Jarvis Landry’s touchdown that got the Dolphins back in Sunday’s game. That play epitomizes how the Dolphins have fought back to playoff contention after looking like one of the NFL’s worst teams through five weeks.

CBS Sports

Week 12: 11

Last Week: 13

Comments: They are playing good football, winning five straight. They are definitely in the playoff race.

Week 12: 10

Last Week: 12

Comments: A fifth straight win that came out of nowhere. Seriously. The Dolphins' offense was nowhere to be found through three-and-a-half quarters in a rain-soaked Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Sunday. Much like one day of rain in drought-weary SoCal gives climate-change deniers an excuse, Miami's absent pass offense was obscured by a late surge. Jarvis Landry fueled the first scoring drive, while DeVante Parker owned the second. Interesting that Sunday marked Jared Goff's first start in the NFL, with the Rams keeping the game-plan-leash tight. Dan Marino's fourth career start came against Los Angeles, and it marked the first time Don Shula let him throw the ball more than 30 times. Miami won.


Week 12: 11

Last Week: 17

Comments: The Dolphins have won five straight, but each of their past four wins has come after trailing in the fourth quarter. How's this for Florida ties? According to Elias Sports Bureau, Tim Tebow's 2011 Denver squad was the last team to win four straight despite trailing in the fourth quarter of each game.


Week 12: 15

Last Week: 20

Comments: No Comments.

Bleacher Report

Week 12: 10

Last Week: 13

Comments: Miami needed about 55 minutes to get its ass in gear.

Then, Ryan Tannehill and DeVante Parker took over.

The quarterback-receiver duo of the Dolphins’ future strung together not one, but two scoring drives. They connected five times for 57 yards when it mattered most.

Jay Ajayi couldn’t get much going. The offensive line was without Branden Albert and Mike Pouncey before losing Laremy Tunsil too. But the Tannehill-Parker connection makes a mostly stagnant offensive day (and a cross-country plane trip) feel much better.

Looking forward: The Dolphins are 6-4, making them a postseason player. And postseason players don't let teams such as San Francisco trip them up.

Sports Illustrated

Week 12: 6

Last Week: 7

Comments: Miami could not have looked more out of sorts in the elements early Sunday if it had been raining slime from the Double Dare physical challenges. Adam Gase’s team found a way to win anyway, completing a 2–0 West Coast swing and positioning the Dolphins as the Chiefs and Broncos’ biggest threat in the AFC wild-card race.​

Niners Nation

Week 12: 15

Last Week: 18

Comments: No comments.

Arizona Republic

Week 12: 11

Last Week: 16

Comments: This team reminds me of my many golf resorts: They’re expensive and they occasionally play up to par.


  • Week 12 Average: 11
  • Week 11 Average: 14
  • Change: +3
  • Highest Week 12 Ranking: 6 (Sports Illustrated)
  • Lowest Week 12 Ranking: 15 (PFF / Niners Nation)
  • Highest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 6 (Sports Illustrated - Week 12)
  • Lowest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 31 (NFL/USA Today - Week 5)
  • Highest Average Weekly Ranking: 11 - Week 12
  • Lowest Average Weekly Ranking: 28 - Week 5