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Happy 10th Birthday, The Phinsider!

Happy birthday to us!

Super Bowl XLI: Pepsi Halftime Show Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

Ten years ago today, Matt Infante, known here on the site as Matty_I, founded a little fan blog for the Miami Dolphins. That site quickly grew and was added to the SB Nation network, turning into the site we know today as The Phinsider. So, a very happy tenth birthday to that little site that has turned into everything you see around you (virtually speaking).

Thank you to all of you who have turned this into such a great place to talk about our favorite team, interact with fans with different view points, and even talk with the fans of other teams. From that little site that Matty started, we have become a membership of nearly 20,000 people and many of you have become regulator readers, commenters, and contributors. You make the site, and you make the site great.

I’ve been lucky enough to be the Managing Editor of the site for the last five years, though I am still not sure why SB Nation asked me to take over when Matty had to step down, or how a guy with a bachelor’s degree in math writes articles people ready, but I am very happy to be doing it. Thank you to all of you who take the time to read and comment, and thank you to the contributors and moderators who have joined the site over the past few years, helping me to keep everything running.

Since taking over the site, I have tried to build on what Matty started on November 18, 2006. We have always tried to bring you Dolphins news and analysis, without getting too excited or beaten down by whatever the team is doing. Sometimes (or, a lot of times) being a fan of this team has been hard, but running this site, interacting with all of you, has made it a great time.

Here’s to another 10 years!

For the fun of it, I took a trip in the Wayback Machine to check to see what the site looked like 10 years and 5 years ago. I got as close to the birthday in 2006 and 2011 as I could - which you will see if slightly off from November 18, but pretty close: