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NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Dolphins tumbling

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football. Their Week 5 power rankings reflect a poor performance.

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins struggled all Thursday night as they faced off against the Cincinnati Bengals, leading to a Week 4 22-7 loss. The South Florida franchise fell to 1-3 on the year and is reeling as they try to figure out how to get into rhythm earlier in a contest and how to turn around a season that has not started off well.

As the Dolphins fell to 1-3 on the year, their power rankings have also fallen - though maybe not as far as you would expect in some cases. Below, you will find the Dolphins’ rankings from seven Power Rankings from around the web. You will also find, at the end, the team’s average position and the change from last week.

SB Nation

Week 5: 24
Last Week: 21
Comments: No team specific comments.

Fox Sports

Week 5: 25
Last Week: 24
Comments: Ryan Tannehill isn’t this team’s franchise quarterback. After another week of showing little signs of development and a frightening lack of pocket awareness, that notion is growing evident. The Dolphins can’t give up on him now, but this doesn’t look good for their future.

USA Today

Week 5: 31
Last Week: 27
Comments: They’ve looked horrid, but those three losses came on the road to 2015 playoff teams. Let’s see how Miami does playing four straight at home.


Week 5: 29
Last Week: 28
Comments: If you watched last Thursday’s game, first of all, sorry. Secondly, the roughing the punter penalty on the Dolphins — Terrence Fede of Miami shoved down the Bengals punter for no reason when his team was going to get the ball with good field position — was one of the worst you’ll see. That, and just about everything else on Thursday night, indicated this isn’t a well-coached team. Prove me wrong, Adam Gase!

CBS Sports

Week 5: 23
Last Week: 23
Comments: The early schedule was brutal, but they have so many issues right now. It's going to take time to fix this roster.

Week 5: 31
Last Week: 27
Comments: The Dolphins looked absolutely abysmal last Thursday night. Other than when blown coverage allowed Kenny Stills to roam free deep for a quick six, Miami didn't do anything well. Ryan Tannehill got sacked by his own guard at one point. It's become so frustrating for the team's fans that I'm getting lobbied to change their ranking ... to No. 32.


Week 5: 30
Last Week: 25
Comments: The Dolphins are off to a 1-3 start and have averaged just under 25 minutes of possession time this season (worst in the NFL) despite playing an overtime game! A league-worst third-down conversion rate doesn't help matters.


Week 5 Average: 28
Week 4 Average: 25
Change: -3
Highest Ranking: 23 (CBS)
Lowest Ranking: 31 (NFL / USA Today)