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It’s Jets Week! And the Jets are not good

The New York Jets do not look like a good team, when even during a win, their own fans call their players “criminally pathetic.”

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The bye week is over, so we are back to Miami Dolphins football. And, what better way to get back to football than with a game against the New York Jets? That means the Dolphins will head to “Revis Island” which Gang Green Nation described as “Criminally Pathetic” this week.

Revis is not the only one having a bad year for the Jets. Just from their game yesterday against the Browns - and remember this was a win for the Jets (somehow) - Gang Green Nation wrote these great reviews of some of the Jets players:

Muhammad Wilkerson: Wilkerson got a sack. Sacks are good. What is not good is being invisible for the entire rest of the game, which Wilkerson was. The year of the great 300 pound man disappearing trick continues.

Brandon Marshall: Marshall did some good things. He made a terrific block to spring Powell for his touchdown run. He did some second half damage with four catches for 68 yards. It wasn't enough to make up for being shut out in the first half and dropping multiple passes. Marshall is having a difficult 2016 season, and today was more of the same.

Calvin Pryor: Pryor was burned for a big gain in coverage against Gary Barnidge on the opening play of the game, a play that set up an opening touchdown drive. He was also called for pass interference in the end zone against Barnidge on another Browns scoring drive. Another bad day in coverage for Calvin Pryor.

And this does not even include quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who Gang Green Nation described as “completely inept in the first half” and has already been benched this year, despite all of the offseason battling over a contract and Jets fans feeling like their season was make of break depending on Fitzpatrick being re-signed or not. Fitzpatrick is back being the team’s starting quarterback after Geno Smith was injured almost as soon as he was named the starter.

Yeah, it’s been that kind of year for the Jets. The Dolphins, meanwhile, appear to be righting the ship and getting both the offense and the defense in rhythm. Hopefully, the Dolphins come out of the bye week and continue to make 2016 a bad season for the Jets.

Oh, and....

J-E-T-S Suck, suck, suck!