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Bills at Dolphins final score, immediate reactions for Week 7

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins ran over, around, and through the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, including Jay Ajayi picking up over 200 yards on the ground - again. The Bills started in on Miami early, but the Dolphins defense eventually adjusted and the offense started clicking.

As we do every week, we keep a running list of our thoughts and reactions to the game as it happens. We then include our immediate reactions to the game as a whole. You can find the entire run through below, including the final score, the thoughts by half and, finally, the immediate reactions.

Final Score

Bills 17 - 28 Dolphins

First half

  • Bills win toss and defer. Miami getting the ball to start the game. They need to have a good, fast start to establish their rhythm early this week.
  • Jay Ajayi with the 10-yard run to start the offense. Running hard and fast. Looks like last week.
  • Another Ajayi run, picking up 11 yards this time.
  • Ajayi for 9 yards. That’s three carries on the first four plays, picking up 30 yards. If the offensive line can keep opening holes like this, Miami will have a great day.
  • Couple of penalties slow the drive. Good first possession however, as Miami pushes into the red zone with another 12-yards from Ajayi.
  • Field Goal. Dolphins 3-0.
  • Tyrod Taylor finds Marquise Goodwin for 15 yards on first down.
  • LeSean McCoy with his first carry, picks up 2 yards. McCoy injured his hamstring in practice this week, so he was questionable to play this weekend.
  • Cameron Wake nearly comes away with the sack. Taylor somehow spun out of Wake’s grip. Picks up one yard on the scramble.
  • Wake does not take long to get that chance back. After a delay of game, Wake gets the sack on 3rd down and forces the Buffalo punt.
  • Nothing for Miami on their possession. Three-and-out.
  • 30 yard return on the punt and the Bills are starting inside Miami territory.
  • McCoy for three yards.
  • Former Dolphins receiver Justin Hunter picks up 15 yards on a short pass from Taylor.
  • McCoy for two yards.
  • Field Goal. Tie. 3-3.
  • 26-yard pass from Tannehill to Landry! Bad call by the refs, who penalize Landry for spinning the ball on the Bills sideline, because that is where he was pushed out of bounds. Called for taunting. It’s not like Landry ran over to their sideline just to do it. Bad call.
  • End of first quarter,
  • Dolphins punting. Holding. 10-yards and re-punt.
  • Block. 12-yard punt. Bills again starting in Miami territory.
  • First down from the Miami 40-yard line. McCoy for 2 yards.
  • Reggie Bush catches a pass for 13 yards. Bills lining him up as a slot receiver.
  • Kiko Alonso shaken up. Looks like he took Richie Incognito’s shoulder to his head on the block. Not a good sign for the Miami defense.
  • Pressure on Taylor, but he gets away and throws it through the endzone.
  • Alonso back in. Guess he cleared any possible concussion check in the span of a play.
  • Touchdown Bills. Taylor runs it in from 10-yards out. Buffalo 10-3.
  • Ajayi with another 10-yard carry.
  • Ajayi with another 9-yard carry. He’s at 9 carries for 69 yards already today. Keep feeding him.
  • Ryan Tannehill to Jarvis Landry for 14 yards.
  • Ajayi with another 14 yard carry.
  • 9-yard slant Tannehill to DeVante Parker.
  • Tannehill feels the pressure and slides to his right. Does not see anyone so runs for the first down.
  • Ajayi for 6-yards. Landry called for unnecessary roughness for hit into shoulder/head area of Aaron Williams. Looked like a shoulder pad up high on a blindside.
  • Field goal. Dolphins. Buffalo 10-6.
  • Bills pick up some chunk yardage, but punt.
  • Dolphins pick up another 17 yards from Jay Ajayi
  • 1-yard scramble by Tannehill and Dolphins run out the clock.
  • Halftime. 10-6 Bills.

Second Half

  • Bills get ball to start second half.
  • 4 yards from McCoy.
  • Timeout Bills. Great use of timeouts there. Just 53 seconds into the half.
  • And the Dolphins force the three-and-out.
  • Miami with another 9 yards from Ajayi.
  • Penalties again hitting the Dolphins, this time a hold from Branden Albert.
  • Bills give Dolphins a first down on the next play with a hold.
  • Incomplete deep to Stills. Catchable, but good play by the defender. Tannehill should have probably laid it out a little further.
  • Ajayi -2 yards.
  • Tannehill gets lucky on third down. Throws a ball into double coverage looking for Landry deep, but the ball goes right through the defender’s hands.
  • Three-and-out again from the Bills. Great defense from Miami, including a sack by Jason Jones on 3rd-and-1.
  • Bills sack Tannehill. Dolphins had max protect, with Sam Young in the game as an eligible lineman, and Tannehill and Pouncey pointed out the blitz. Still have 4 players meet at Tannehill as he finishes his drop.
  • 3 yards from Ajayi.
  • 2 yard scramble from Tannehill and 3-and-out punt.
  • Touchdown Bills. 67-yard pass and run from Taylor to Goodwin. Just burned right through the defense.
  • Ajayi 10 yards. (I may just need to copy and paste this sentence at this point.)
  • Ajayi 2 yards. Underachiever.
  • Tannehill to Parker for 9 yards.
  • Foster for 3 yards.
  • Tannehill to Landry for 21 yards.
  • Ajayi for 4 yards.
  • Ajayi for 7 yards. I could at least copy and paste Ajayi’s name, right?
  • Tannehill run for 13 yards.
  • Ajayi for 2 yards.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Dolphins! Ajayi for 4 yards and the score. Two-point conversion good. Bills 17-14.
  • Mike Gillislee with the 20-yard run. Are we getting to the “former Dolphins destroying the Dolphins” portion of the game?
  • Taylor scrambles for 5 yards.
  • Gillislee for 4 yards.
  • Incomplete.
  • SACK! Ndamukong Suh straight up the middle on third down and the Bills will have to punt.
  • Ajayi for 2
  • AJAYI FOR 53 YARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Williams for no gain.
  • Tannehill to Foster for 4 yards.
  • Tannehill to Foster for what should have been 7 yards and a first down. Ball hit Foster in the hands and it bounces away. Miami punting.
  • Oh, we may be in the former Bills destroying the Bills portion of the game. Direct snap to Gillislee and Mario Williams blows it up for a 10 yard loss.
  • 5-yard run from Taylor.
  • Incomplete pass as Taylor gets blown up by Mario Williams. Bills punt.
  • 7:45 remaining. Down 17-14.
  • Ajayi no gain. 15-yard facemask penalty on Buffalo.
  • Ajayi for 2.
  • Ajayi for 1.
  • 5:57. Dolphins timeout.
  • 3rd-and-6. Dolphins have to have this.
  • Tannehill under pressure, rolls right.......18-yards to Landry! FIRST DOWN!
  • Ajayi for 14 yards. Pushes him over 200 yards, making him the fourth player in NFL history to have back-to-back 200-yard rushing games, joining O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell, and Ricky Williams.
  • Damien Williams for 2.
  • Bills three-and-out with a great pass breakup by Isa Abdul-Quddus on third-down.
  • Punt by Bills.
  • Need to kill the clock now.
  • Nevermind!
  • The Dolphins pass rush has been found. Cameron Wake and Andre Branch with the shared sack.
  • Miami has to work on these penalties. Should be getting stops, but penalties keep giving up dumb penalties.
  • Touchdown Bills. Penalties killed the Dolphins on the drive. Two point conversion and it’s 28-25 Miami lead with 14 seconds to go.
  • Onside kick coming from DC$.
  • Kick goes straight to Jarvis Landry, who cradles is and gets Miami the win.
  • Victory formation for 13 seconds of clock and it’s over!
  • Two straight!

Immediate reaction.

What more can you say but look at the performance in back-to-back weeks by Jay Ajayi. Picking up 200 yards in consecutive weeks is incredible and the Dolphins, with a healthy offensive line, are on a roll right now. The offense killed the Bills with the late 66-yard touchdown, ending any hope for them, but it was all about the ground-game throughout the day. If this offensive line can continue to block like this, Miami will be a running team, setting up the pass, and it will be beautiful.

The team heads into the bye week now, looking to keep the momentum in a two week prep for the Jets and a shot at a .500 record mid-way through the season.