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Dolphins secondary has help coming despite loss of Jones

The Miami Dolphins will face the Buffalo Bills this weekend without starting safety Reshad Jones. Possibly the top player on Miami’s defense, Jones being out is a huge blow to a defense that, for the first time this year, showed up last week and looked like the team they were expected to be in 2016.

Jones serves in multiple roles for the Dolphins, from a free safety playing center field, to a man-on-man coverage defensive back to a strong safety playing as a fourth linebacker in the box. Now, Miami has to find a way to fill those roles. Fortunately for them, it might not be as bleak an outlook as it could be.

The Dolphins have players ready to step into the starting lineup, and they have other players who are coming back from injury or were recently acquired who should be able to provide assistance in the secondary. Earlier today, we took a look at the Dolphins secondary in this Facebook video:

Dolphins secondary question with Reshad Jones out

The injury to Reshad Jones sucks, but the Miami Dolphins can make some smart changes and have reinforcements coming.

Posted by The Phinsider: The SB Nation Miami Dolphins Blog on Thursday, October 20, 2016