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New author joining the site!

NHRA: Summernationals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are adding several new faces this week as head coach Adam Gase looks to solve the “inept” level of play the team has seen thus far this season. While The Phinsider may not be inept (at least, I really hope not), we are always willing to bring on new talent.

Today, we bring on that talent - though he is not someone that any of us who have been around the site for more than a day, would consider “new.” You know him. You love him. Or you hate him. It is long, long overdue, but I am happy we finally made this happen. So, please welcome the newest member of The Phinsider authors:


CT is going to spend some time each week, breaking down some of the film work of the Dolphins’ next opponent. We are blatantly exploiting him for his knowledge about the game - and we are doing it unapologetically. But, I think CT will be alright with that. He definitely deserves the platform to show off his skills.

You can expect a post coming from CT soon taking a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers for this week’s game.