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Is There A Power Struggle Brewing In Miami?

We obviously have no clue what goes on behind the scenes. But the Dolphins most recent moves may be shedding some light on things.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Back in January, the Dolphins had just fired general manager Dennis Hickey and replaced him with Chris Grier. Now the Dolphins had to find a new head coach. The Dolphins gave interim head coach Dan Campbell a shot but the team decided on Adam Gase.

Gase however was not Tannenbaum's first choice. Tannenbaum wanted to hire Doug Marrone while owner Stephen Ross was ready to make Gase the unanimous favorite. So the Dolphins set sail with Gase at the helm. Tannenbaum and Grier began to put together an offseason plan that would help the team achieve great things. Fast forward to now and the team is just...terrible.

The Dolphins let go of some of their best talent in Olivier Vernon and Lamar Miller. They replaced them with veterans Mario Williams and Arian Foster, both of whom have done very little to help this team. The team then traded back some spots in the draft and were given Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso. Maxwell has been anything but stellar and I'm not ready to throw Alonso under the bus yet.

Let me remind some people. Gase and the coaches wanted to keep Miller. The front office should have done everything in their power to keep the talented running back.

Today Gase released two offensive lineman who should have been gone during the offseason.

Grier and Tannenbaum have control over whom the team signs. Gase is in charge of who remains on the 53-man roster. The team did a terrible job of evaluating talent this offseason. There just isn't much depth on this team and it's showing.

The Dolphins were using a makeshift offensive line on Sunday and had two guys starting who were bad at their job. You can point fingers at the front office and the coaching staff. But some of these roster decisions were baffling by the front office. You can't get better with older players.

We can even look at the Maxwell incident. Maxwell was brought in to be a starter but has been benched. He was a Tannenbaum guy and Gase is not messing around.

We saw this happen last year with Hickey and Tannenbaum. It was to the point they weren't even conversing on team matters. The same may start happening here and Ross is going to have to pick a side. Hopefully it's with Gase.