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Flash Poll: State of the franchise-Ryan Tannehill going forward

Here's a flash poll for everyone because who doesn't love a poll and who couldn't use just one more Ryan Tannehill debate?

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

I thought I would put up this poll because a) poll's are always super fun and b) we all know that Ryan Tannehill is totally not controversial with Dolphins fans what so ever, right? Actually, as Phins fans, we have all become very accustomed to there always being something or someone that is controversial or at least, one "villain" on the team who then becomes controversial. Who that villain is, of course, often differs from fan to fan. In recent years, it has been the likes of Jeff "is your momma a hooker" Ireland, Joe "yes I'm awake" Philbin, Richie "I really hated my car" Incognito, Johnathan "My mom's a lawyer" Martin, the coordinators, various other players, and even a player's wife, Miko "I bake interesting cakes" Grimes (Do not, I repeat DO NOT google those cakes). The list seems to be never-ending. Now we find ourselves on our second general manager since the day that Jeff Ireland left us (Oh how the euphoria for many following Jeff's firing seems just like yesterday) and facing yet another full overhaul of the coaching staff and most likely big chunks of the roster as well. Besides the current debate of who will be the best fit for this team at head coach (Do any of us really know anymore?) the other current debate centers around our current starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill.

Based on sheer numbers and stats, Tannehill is the best quarterback we have had since a guy named Dan Marino, that some of you may have heard of. That, of course, does not stop many Dolphins fans from declaring him "failed" or just outright claiming that he sucks or in some cases much worse. The latter always makes me wonder why anyone would turn to personal attacks of players that they do not believe are good enough, but none of us have the time needed to delve into that discussion. Then there are those that are a little more nuanced in their criticisms and it's more along the lines of he just does not have "it" or "does not know how to win games" or "he might not lose games for you but he's sure as hell not going to win any games for you". The reasons for this are all over the place but the one's that you will hear most often are that he "lacks pocket presence", or "just can't hit the deep ball". There are many other reasons cited as well but I suspect that if I include them all that everyone will stop reading this post after a couple of hours.

Then next come those folks that are somewhere in the middle. They don't think he "sucks" or lack the "it" to get the job done but that he is otherwise hampered by outside influences. Some blame the offensive line that has allowed more sacks than anyone can count (This is literal, I understand that the number is so damn high at this point that no mortal human can actually count them all). Others point to the fact that there are other quarterbacks around the league that seemed to "blossom" later than others. Then there is the concept that the changing of coaches and coordinators has hampered his overall development. Whatever their reasoning they still think he may show that he's "the guy" in the future. Finally, there are those that are absolutely certain, fairly certain or at least somewhat sure that Tannehill is the guy or their guy or the teams guy or, at least, a guy. Some of those folks point to the stats that I mentioned earlier or use some of the same points as those that are still somewhat "middle of the road".  The bottom line at this point is that given the way Tannehill's contract is written he is almost certain to be the Dolphins starter for the 2016 season.

His current contract status is in no way proof that the Dolphins do not go into 2016 looking to provide Tannehill with some competition. There will certainly be some notable names floating around out there this off-season. All of whom are certain to have their own fan post written about them at some point by someone in the offseason, extolling their greatness, no matter how many drunken incidents they have had during the season or how many photos they may have had taken in Vegas the day before a game. Some of these names could at the very least make Ryan feel as if he is being "pushed" to get better. The team might also just see Tannehill as the "stop gap" quarterback.  A guy to start for one more season, maybe two, while they get some new young guy up to speed or until the find the right guy to draft. Or perhaps, as has been reported, the Dolphins front office really does believe in Tannehill and believe that he is their long-term answer at quarterback. So what do you, the fan think? Is he the answer for the Dolphins aka your football Jesus, are you still in your "wait and see" mode or are you just totally sure he will never be anything other than another NFL scrub/backup?