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Who will be the next head coach of the Dolphins? Odds favor Shanahan

Who do you think is the favorite to land the Miami Dolphins' head coaching position?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Who is your favorite to land the Miami Dolphins head coach position? Would you be willing to put some money on it? It seems like a strange thing on which to be betting, but, strange things on which to bet seems to be the definition of gambling. Wednesday, Bovada released odds on the Dolphins' head coaching candidates.

The favorite, right now, is Mike Shanahan, who interviewed with the team on Tuesday. The full odds are:

Mike Shanahan 9/2
Mike Smith 5/1
Adam Gase 7/1
Teryl Austin 8/1
Doug Marrone 8/1
Anthony Lynn 9/1
Josh McDaniels 9/1
Matt Patricia 9/1
Hue Jackson 10/1
Dan Campbell 12/1
Todd Haley 12/1
Sean Payton 12/1

Interestingly, Bovada does not seem to have a good idea of where the Dolphins will go with their head coaching choice. At least, not as well as they have ideas for the rest of the teams trying to find a new head coach. Each of the rest of the teams have at least one person with 3/1 odds or better. The San Francisco 49ers have Chip Kelly at 3/1, the Cleveland Browns have Hue Jackson at the same odds, the Philadelphia Eagles have both Adam Gase and Pat Shurmur at 3/1 and the New York Giants have Josh McDaniels at 5/2 and Steve Spagnuolo at 3/1.

The Dolphins have interviewed Shanahan, Smith, Austin, and Lynn already, with scheduled interviews for Gase, Campbell, and Jackson on the calendar. The team is also expected to meet with Marrone some time this week, though no exact meeting date has been leaked.

And, obviously, given today's announcement that he is unavailable, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton should probably come off the board.