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Dolphins coaching rumors 2016: Miami to make strong push to land Adam Gase, but does report make sense?

According to a report, the Miami Dolphins will try to land Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have interviews scheduled with several candidates for their vacant head coaching position, having already met with four candidates. According to a report from CBS Sports' Jason LaCanfora, the Dolphins could be already zeroing in on their top candidate:

The Dolphins are scheduled to meet with Gase, the Chicago Bears' offensive coordinator, on Thursday. They have interviews with Dan Campbell (Friday) and Hue Jackson (Sunday) also on the schedule. If the team does think Gase is the right man to take over the helm of the team, they could cancel those other interviews. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, however, has repeatedly stated that Campbell, who worked as the team's interim head coach for most of the season, is going to be interviewed.

If Miami intends to hire Gase, then they either will have to go back on their word that Campbell would get an interview, or they have to risk Gase leaving and that he will not agree to terms with another team.

The Dolphins like Gase, but they seem to be planning a methodical search, making a deliberate effort to find the right candidate for the job. Jumping on Gase just to make sure he does not go back to Philadelphia, where he has already had one interview with the Eagles and is expected to have a second, does seem like a panic move to stop from being beaten to the punch.

Gase is the top coordinator this offseason in terms of coaches in line to land a head coaching position. But, Miami has tried to jump on the hot coordinator/assistant coach repeatedly the last few hires, only to be back searching for a new coach a few years later. How much of Gase's success as the Denver Broncos' offensive coordinator was a result of having Peyton Manning as his quarterback? Would Gase be able to see the improvement in Ryan Tannehill he was able to coach out of Jay Cutler this year?

There are several teams interested in Gase, and, if he is a top choice for Miami, they should do whatever they can to sign him. They just better make sure he is exactly what they want and that he will be able to turn around a stagnant organization.

Personally, this report feels more like a story that maybe came from someone in Gase's camp, rather than someone near the team. Obviously, La Canfora feels strongly enough about it that he would report it, but this could be a case of someone trying to drum up some more interest for Gase, or possibly trying to get a stronger offer from the Eagles. Could Miami have the interest to make Gase their next head coach? Absolutely. But, given he will be the fifth coach they interview, and they did not seem to fight to be the first team to interview him, it might not be as strong an attraction as La Canfora's report indicates.