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Jim Harbaugh sub-tweets about Jim Tomsula firing

I'm sure the timing of this tweet from Jim Harbaugh was just coincidental.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh does not seem like the kind of man who can quietly sit and wait a year before blasting someone on Twitter when they get fired from the job Harbaugh was fired from a year before, does he? Who would have known the fiery Harbaugh can carry a grudge?

On Sunday, following the San Franciso 49ers firing of head coach Jim Tomsula, Harbaugh, the former 49ers head coach who just completed his first year as the coach of Michigan, Harbaugh sent out a completely innocuous tweet:

I'm sure he was just throwing that comment out for discussion, not saying anything about the state of the 49ers, a team that ran him out of town, or Tomsula, the coach who replaced him. Clearly, Harbaugh would have a reason to have a grudge against the 49ers, who wanted to get rid of him despite a 44-19-1 record over four years, two division titles, and three NFC Championship game appearances and one Super Bowl appearance.

According to David Fucillo at Niners Nation, the tweet may have been intended straight for Tomsula, maybe even more than it was directed at the team. Fucillo explains, "There were rumors that Tomsula was working behind Harbaugh's back, and I think we can take this tweet to be a shot across the bow.

Whatever the case, it is a funny choice by Harbaugh to tweet just after the announcement of the firing. Unfortunately, for Dolphins fans, Harbaugh has said he is happy at Michigan, and is trying to distance himself from any head coach searches going on in the NFL this offseason.