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South Florida in Running for 2019 & 2020 Super Bowl Bid

The Super Bowl Bid Committee for South Florida met with the media on Friday. Click here to find out more.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Floridian football fans may not have to wait too much longer for the Super Bowl to be brought back to The Sunshine State as the South Florida Bid Committee met with the media on Friday to discuss their plans for Sun Life Stadium to host either the 2019 or 2020 game.

Part of the pitch to NFL owners, who will ultimately select the winning bid, includes a "Super Bowl Park" at Bayfront Park, which could host music and fireworks.

Of course, a major strength of the bid will be the newly renovated stadium at Sun Life, which will include a canopy to shield fans from the weather, a feature which would have been much welcomed during the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami where Saints and Colts fans got drenched from the pouring rain.

There will no doubt be competition from other cities. The Atlanta Falcons are due to move into their stadium in 2017, and could have plans to make a bid, while Los Angeles will also have a new stadium in time for 2019 and 2020. The NFL tends to favor cities with new stadiums, but that shouldn't deter the decision makers for the Miami bid as the Sun Life Stadium will virtually be a new stadium itself.

It's thought that hosting a Super Bowl could bring in as much as $400 million to the area, which would be a nice boost for the local economy.

Next year's SuperBowl will be held in Houston, while Minneapolis will do the honors in 2018.

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter@AlexParish89.