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Don't let your high five skills get rusty

If your team has not had something to celebrate in a while, you might not have given many high fives lately. Well, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and the rest of the Dolphins front office types are here with an important Public Service Announcement: Don't let your high-five ability get rusty. It just becomes awkward.

It's's just bad. Ross thought he had three different high fives in there, and none of them really worked. It's almost Joe Montana and Steve Young bad.

Obviously, we are having a little fun, which can be had when the Dolphins dominate the New England Patriots, as they did on Sunday. The Dolphins out played the Patriots to the tune of 438 yards of offense to 196, 20 first downs to 12, 342 passing yards to 126, 96 rushing yards to 70, and, of course, 20 points to 10 points. Unfortunately, the game means nothing for the Dolphins, who finished the year 6-10 and out of the Playoffs, but it sure was a nice feeling to beat the Patriots, and, to make it even better, when the Denver Broncos won later in the day, the Dolphins win knocked the Patriots out of the top seed in the AFC.

So, high five Stephen Ross. High five everyone!