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Patriots at Dolphins: Final score predictions for Week 17

Here are our Phinsider predictions for the New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Week 17 showdown.

Hope things are going well in your rehab, Cameron Wake.
Hope things are going well in your rehab, Cameron Wake.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL regular season ends today, with the Miami Dolphins playing their last game of the season as they host the New England Patriots. Every week, The Phinsider authors make their predictions for the final score of the game, and we ask for your input as well. Below, you will find the Phinsider contributors' predictions, followed by the final score widget from our friends at The Crowd's Line.

As always, SB Nation is tracking how well each of the NFL blogs pick each week. The Phinsider is still sitting in the 31st ranked position, just ahead of Bleeding Green Nation. Bucs Nation is in the 30th spot, within reach if we have a good year.

The Crowd's Line has added a new feature, allowing you to sign up for an account and keep track of your own personal picks as well. You can use the same log in to make predictions on other SB Nation sites as well. Just click "Join Now" at the bottom of the widget.

James McKinney
NE 33 - MIA 13

New England is playing for something. Miami stopped doing so a long time ago. Sigh...

Kevin "KDog" Dolney
NE 35 - MIA 7

It's over folks...nothing much to say here.

Alex Parish
NE 35 - MIA 10

Can the Miami Dolphins finish the season on a high? Judging by past performances, no.

Brian "Turtle" Naidus
NE 35 - MIA 13

LOL. I can't think of two franchises going in more opposite directions. Let's end this season already.

NE 38 - MIA 10

A high top ten pick AND a new regime? SIGN ME UP FOR ANOTHER YEAR!!!

Kevin Nogle
NE 28 - MIA 14

I do not think the Patriots play their starters the entire game, which keeps the game closer than the previous meeting between these two clubs.

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