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Drone Racing League taking high speed tour of Sun Life Stadium

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross recently invested in the Drone Racing League, a professional league of drone pilots who race high-speed drones through set checkpoints around a course. The pilots then wear a set of goggles linked to a camera on the front of the drone, attempting to beat the other pilots through the course, with points awarded for each checkpoint as well.

The league started in July with a preseason race in Yonkers, New York. The first official race of the season recently took place in the Miami Dolphins' home, Sun Life Stadium. The video produced from the event is above, and gives you a fast pace look at the inside of the stadium, over the seating areas, and through the concourses.

The Drone Racing League is attempting to put together a set of rules and turn drone racing into a legitimate, competitive sport. The league provides the pilots with the drones, to ensure fair races. They race multiple heats at each event, to prevent a malfunction from eliminating a pilot from the season championship. And, they are using the money from their investors, to include Ross' estimated $1 million investment, to attract the top competition.

At the end of the day, however, the biggest point of this video is, check out Sun Life Stadium in this high speed flight through it.

And, if you want to check out the entire Sun Life Stadium course, check out the video in this article from Quartz.