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Dolphins next legend: Who will find a place in the team's Honor Roll?

The Miami Dolphins are a young team in most of their roster positions. Who could be the next great player in team history? The answer seems pretty obvious.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins actually have a lot of talent - and a lot of young talent - on their roster, despite a 6-10 season and a last place finish in the AFC East. It was a miserable year, but there is hope that new head coach Adam Gase will be able to put together a staff and a scheme that gets the most out of the roster.

SB Nation's NFL league manager asked a question recently, and I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure out exactly how to answer it. His question? Who is the next player on the Dolphins' roster who will be inducted into the team's Honor Roll?

My first thought was to use Cameron Wake as the answer. He is second on the team in all-time sacks with 70.0 in his career. He is a dominant feature on the defensive line, and even ridiculously tried to chase down Tom Brady, after he tore his Achilles' tendon. Wake seems like he is headed for a spot on the Honor Roll whenever his career comes to an end.

I just felt like that did not work for the "Legends of Tomorrow" theme of this post. I wanted to look, instead, for someone young, who is making a name for himself, but still has many years to land in Honor Roll territory. Instead, I decided to go with someone who, in only his second year with the team has already begun sitting record.

The Dolphins next legend is: Jarvis Landry, wide receiver.

As a rookie in 2014, Landry set the team record for single season receptions for a rookie. He then backed that up by breaking the team's single season receptions mark in 2015, finishing the season with 110 catches. That gives him two of the top five seasons in team history in terms of receptions, and Landry has only been in the league two seasons. Only two other players show up in the top ten in receptions for a single year in team history: Brandon Marshall (4th and 7th) and Davone Bess (8th and 9th). Landry is 19th in team history in career receptions, with Irving Fryar the closest person ahead of him in terms of games played, and Fryan has 48 to Landry's 32 - or one full season more.

Assuming Landry catches 97 passes next year (the average between his two seasons thus far), he will jump to 9th in team history. In fact, Landry is just 356 receptions behind Mark Clayton for the all time receptions leader in team history, a number he could ridiculously pass in just 91 games played if he continues to average just over 6 receptions a game. That would mean he would surpass Clayton in 51 fewer games, or 3-and-a-half seasons.

Of course, a lot of this is speculative. Will Landry continue to see as many passes go his way in the new Adam Gase designed offense? Will he spend four more seasons with the Dolphins? How will DeVante Parker fit into the passing game as he gets more time with quarterback Ryan Tannehill?

There are other options as well. Could center Mike Pouncey land in the ring? Will Ndamukong Suh become the dominant defensive tackle Miami expects and earn his position on the side of the stadium? Could Reshad Jones earn a spot among the team's all time greats? There are multiple possibilities to become Dolphins legends currently on the roster. There is talent that has not seen the on-field results come to them yet, with the hope that Gase will solve the problems and put together a team rather than a series of individuals.

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