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Welcome a new writer to the Phinsider family

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

We recently added SUTTON to our Phinsider front page authors, giving us another great contributor to continue to look at the Miami Dolphins. I thought adding SUTTON would be our only addition for a little while, pushing us through the Super Bowl before I started looking to expand the team again. Sometimes, though, exciting opportunities present themselves out of nowhere, and you have to jump on them.

That happened over the last couple of days, and I am pleased to say that we now have another new author to welcome to the site.

Please join me in a big  welcome Max Himmelrich to our site!

Max founded the site The Deep End Miami as a way to not only write about the Miami Dolphins, but also as a tribute to the Deep End, the old east end zone group of fans who did everything they could to give Miami a true home-field advantage. Max wanted to make sure that, somewhere, there was a way to keep the Deep End alive, until it reforms in the new version of Sun Life Stadium.

Now, Max will come over to us and bring some great analysis to the site. Like with SUTTON, I really am excited to be able to add him to the front page authors on The Phinsider. Where as most of you already know SUTTON from his work in the FanPosts sections, you may not have yet been introduced to Max. You can check out his past work on The Deep End Miami, or you can wait until he starts bringing that insight and analysis to us here. Either way, you are going to be highly impressed.

Welcome Max!