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Dolphins coach Adam Gase joins Dan Le Batard Show

Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase appeared on ESPN's The Dan Le Batard Show on Friday.

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The Miami Dolphins hired Adam Gase as the team's new head coach last Saturday. After a whirlwind week of getting settled into the team facility and starting to hire assistant coaches, Gase spent about 10 minutes making a phone appearance on ESPN's The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Friday. You can hear the full interview by going to ESPN Radio's site, but we have the full transcript below:

Stugotz: Adam Gase, the Dolphins new head coach, joins us now on the Shell Penzoil performance line.

Dan Le Batard:Texter writes in, ‘This show makes no sense. How can you guys be so awful and so good at the same damn time?" We've been mostly awful today, but Adam Gase is going to come in here and fix it, he's going to take care, we are going to throw fewer interceptions. I mean, he did it for Jay Cutler, he's going to do it for us. Adam Gase with us, he's the new Dolphins coach. Thank you and congratulations.

Stugotz: He's older than both of us Dan, I mean, younger than both of us.

Le Batard: He's younger. He's 37 years old.

Adam Gase: I was going to say, younger.

Le Batard: Well S is on fire today. And keeping with your...maybe you aren't going to fix anything this segment. And there's out first interception of the segment. Adam, how overwhelming has the last week been?

Gase: It's been...everything has moved really quickly. You don't have a lot of time to really reflect on anything or really kind of appreciate what this position really is. You just start moving in the direction, you know, moving forward with hiring the coaching staff, start evaluating the roster, I mean, everything just starts moving so quickly, you don't really have time to stop and realize what has happened.

Le Batard: What is the most overwhelming thing?

Gase: I think, trying to just get on the coaching staff. Obviously, there were other openings, it's pretty much a race right now to try to get the guys you need. It's hard to get guys out of contracts if they are somewhere else. There are certain guys you may have relationships with in the past that you really want to work with again, and guys might be under contract and they are not always available. Trying to put a staff together of guys that you think are good coaches is a harder task than what's realized.

Le Batard: What's different about you?

Gase: As far as...

Le Batard: Coaching style, coaching philosophy, how you think differently.

Gase: I always feel like, how I came up in this profession. Getting with Josh McDaniels was probably a very eye opening moment for me, as far as developing a culture to where you use your players to their strengths. It's not really about the system that you run, it's about your players, how you implement a certain scheme to benefit them and get the most out of them. Obviously, that was something that was, that he did in New England. I love that philosophy, and really try to help implement that when I became the coordinator in Denver. We started moving some pieces around, and then we had [Tim] Tebow and then going to Peyton [Manning], just that fluid offense to make sure our players were put in the best position to use their talents to maximize.

Le Batard: What would you say is the concern that you had that the Miami Dolphins had to allay for you?

Gase: I didn't really have any concerns. I felt really comfortable with the group that I met with. I was really excited about the chance to work with Ryan [Tannehill]. I knew the defense had a ton of talent and there's a ton of talent as far as the skill positions go. Really, it was a matter of coming down here and putting myself in front of those guys and letting them know who I was, and how interested I was in this job. I was just hoping I was the guy they wanted.

Le Batard: Well, help us out with this though. Ton of talent, ton of talent, last place and not playoff appearances in a long time. You can say "ton of talent," but can you prove it to me?

Gase: You know, sometimes it gets tough. There's a lot of good teams in the NFL, the margin of error is very small, so, I know this, there were about four or five games we were in last year in Chicago that was, missed a field goal here, made a bad play here, we didn't stop a team on a drive on the last series of the game. It happens. We were in last place in Chicago, and every year is different, every game is different. You just have to figure out a way, in the fourth quarter to win it. That's almost all NFL games, and the good teams figure out a way to win it in the fourth quarter.

Stugotz: Adam Gase, new Dolphins head coach, here with us on ESPN Radio. You're considered a quarterback guru, so, you watch Ryan Tannehill. He needs to improve on what, and how can you help him do that?

Gase: I don't know about the quarterback guru saying. I was with Peyton Manning for three years, and I feel like that was a great experience. Then with Jay Cutler, very talented guy, we just kind of changed a few things up as far as trying to maximize his strengths. I think Ryan has a lot of ability that we are looking to find what the things that he does best and then really lean on those, and then we are going to need the guys around him to actually be that supporting cast to help him take it to the next level.

Le Batard: And the thing you are best at is blank?

Gase: Adjusting. Putting players in the best position possible.

Le Batard: What other job was calling you out there, like how were you deciding between jobs, if you don't mind sharing that with us. How did you come to the end point where you decided "Okay, the Dolphins are the way I am going," because they weren't the only one interested?

Gase: Well, this was the one I was really focused on. I went through the process with other teams and really, at the end of the day, I wanted the Dolphins to offer me, and I was just waiting for that opportunity.

Le Batard: Because?

Gase: I felt great about the guys I was meeting with. I really enjoyed my time with Mr. Ross. Mike Tannenbaum and myself, we've known each other in the past, just kind of through NFL circles. And, Chris Grier really impressed me when we sat down and spent a lot of time together. I felt really good as far as that group, and then evaluating the roster and, obviously, Ryan was an attractive piece of that puzzle for me.

Stugotz: I think that is what we were trying to get at, because Dolphins fans, they view you as a guy who knows quarterbacks, and it seems like you really could have chosen your job. Dolphins fans are hopeful you chose this job because you see something in this quarterback, Ryan Tannehill.

Gase: I think we have a lot of upside, but it is hard to do it alone, I know that. It takes the full unit to really...we have to play better as a group, it's not just going to be one guy.

Le Batard: There seems to be - Adam Gase, the new Dolphins coach with us on ESPN Radio. It seems to be, there are a lot of reports, and I don't know what is true and what isn't, but a lot of reports that management was conflicted about Ryan Tannehill. That the last coaching staff of Philbin didn't really trust Tannehill but that management, Tannenbaum, the president of the organization, did. Can you shed any light on that for us?

Gase: Well, the beauty part of that is, I wasn't here. So, I don't really know.

Le Batard: Okay.

Gase: So for me to answer that question - I've never asked that. I just know how I felt about the situation, and I don't think any was arguing with me.

Le Batard: If I may, Adam, what kind of questions were you asking?

Gase: I guess I was just trying to figure out if they felt anything in particular, what had gone wrong or what has been lacking. I felt I knew a little bit of the answer. I know the team up north [New England Patriots] has a little bit to do with that, as far as what has been going on in this division. One of the teams that has been so good for so long, and they have a great quarterback and they've had, if not the best ever, one of the best ever head coaches ever. And, that's challenging. You know you've got your work cut out for you in trying to take that division crown away from them. That was kind of my biggest question, what they thought that reasoning was. There are some hiccups here and there, and I felt like the answers they were giving me, I really felt like we were all on the same page as far as moving forward.

Stugotz: Nick Saban is a mentor of yours. What did he tell you about South Florida, because he hated it here.

Gase: Okay, so I have not talked to him about this. I kept my circle really small, as far as who I talked to about anything as far as the head coaching, that kind of circuit. I kept it really small. Last year, it was probably a little too open, too many people knew what - I was looking to talk to too many people, with too many people giving me advice, so I kept that small this year. I only talked to about two or three people, and it was just people I really trusted. And, it's not that I don't trust Nick, I just felt like, I haven't been around him in a long time, I worked for him almost 13 years ago, so it has been a while since I have been around him, and I just kept it within the guys I am really close with right now.

Le Batard: Did it worry you at all that when you walked into the facility, and Dan Campbell was sharpening an axe in the parking lot? *laughing*

Gase: You know, I actually have a great relationship with Dan. We were together in Detroit in 2006-2007, we've kept in touch over the years, we have been texting this year. We had great conversations when he was in the building still, even after I was hired. Dan is a great man and him being able to go to New Orleans, I'm excited for him. I know what he did here wasn't the easiest thing to have to do, when you have to step into that role with that many games left, in the situation that occurred, he did a great job. I know this organization was very grateful for it.

Le Batard: But the axe was weird. The sharpening of the axe in the parking lot was weird. No, that's okay, I know, I know.

Gase: I'll tell you what. He's a great guy, and I saw him today. I'm happy for him.

Le Batard: I'm curious here, can you tell us, can you confirm this story for us. There's an internet story about Jay Cutler, it is reputed that he was in a bar at a urinal, someone from Vanderbilt came over to tell him "Hey, I'm a big fan of yours from Vanderbilt," and Jay Cutler is said to have thrown his head back in the air and interrupted him by shouting into the sky "Don't care." Does that sound like something that Jay Cutler would do?

Gase: You know, I guess I never experienced that. Every time I was around Jay, he was very respectful of everybody in the organization. I know he was a tireless competitor; he did a great job for me. I'm going to miss being around him, because he gave me everything he had.

Le Batard: Coach, you're ready. You're ready for this. You've got this talking in public thing down. I couldn't make you smile, I couldn't make you smirk, the axe joke, I poked at Jay Cutler, you've got it down. I couldn't get anything out of you, Coach.

Gase: It's early. You've just to keep working on me.

Le Batard: Alright. Thank you for being on, we appreciate it.

Gase: Alright guys.