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Joe Philbin lands with Colts, not Giants

In a sudden change, the Miami Dolphins' former head coach, Joe Philbin, landed with the Indianapolis Colts and not the previously reported New York Giants.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The coaching carousel goes around and around every year, but every now and then, it will make a sudden turn that was not expected. That is what happened on Friday as former Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin, reported across multiple media outlets on Thursday as heading for a re-union with his former assistant Ben McAdoo as a member of the New York Giants staff, was named the offensive line coach for the Indianapolis Colts on Friday. (Our erroneous article on the Giants imminent hire that did not happen is here.)

The reports on Thursday had Philbin potentially becoming the offensive coordinator for the Giants, taking on game planning and running the offensive practices while McAdoo continued to call the plays. Then it downgraded those reports to Philbin joining the staff, but not as the offensive coordinator. Speculation had him being named a position coach and the "assistant head coach" under McAdoo, who was the Green Bay Packers tight ends coach when Philbin served as the Packers' quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. McAdoo eventually worked himself up to the Packers quarterbacks coach in the shuffle following Miami's hired of Philbin, then moved to the Giants in 2014 as their offensive coordinator. He was promoted to the head coach position following the resignation of Tom Coughlin after the 2015 season ended.

The Colts were linked to Philbin earlier in the coaching carousel fun, but it was simply reported as an interview. Then everything seemed to shift to him heading to the Giants. What broke down to change multiple media reports of a Giants hiring to being named the offensive line coach in Indianapolis is unclear.

Philbin was 24-28 in three-plus seasons with the Dolphins. He was fired after Week 4 of the 2015 season, having led the team to a 1-3 start on the year.