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The Phinsider welcomes a new author to the team

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I get inquiries about positions opening within the site for new authors a lot. Sometimes, the timing is right and I can fit someone into the idea I have for the site. Sometimes, the timing does not fit, but I try to keep interested people in mind for when I do have a new spot I want to fill.

And, sometimes, people do such exceptional work in FanPosts that I have to get them onto the staff no matter what. That's the case today.

Please help me in welcoming SUTTON to the group of contributing authors on the site. I am really excited to have him joining us as a front page author, and I think he will continue to bring great analysis, with some humor, to what we do on The Phinsider.

And for anyone who is interested in becoming an author, I suggest you start with writing FanPosts. That is the easiest way to provide content that we will notice and, potentially, invite you to join the team. Nearly all of us, myself included, started posting FanPosts, and eventually were invited to be front page authors.

Welcome SUTTON!