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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Phinsider community has Jaguars adding to defensive line

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With the fifth overall pick in the 2016 Phinsider Community Mock Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select...

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The Phinsider Community mock draft completes the top five picks in the selection process this morning, bringing us the Jacksonville Jaguars' pick. The Draft thus far has had one curve ball, with the Cleveland Browns not taking a quarterback with the second pick, but the drama from that move has not spun the rest of the draft into chaos as of yet.

We now enter the Jaguars' pick, with the team looking to continue to build around quarterback Blake Bortles. The team needs to spend sometime addressing the defensive side of the ball, however, and that is exactly what Agent J 78, working as the Jaguars' front office in our mock, does with this selection.

With the fifth overall pick in the Phinsider Community Mock Draft, Agent J 78 selects for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Joey Bosa, defensive end, Ohio State.

The Jaguars are in a solid spot as one of Ramsey, Jack, Bosa and Buckner is going to be available at 5. All would be a big boost to a retooled Jaguars team that could be surprisingly good in 2016. The dream scenario for most fans would be Myles Jack, as he and Telvin Smith could just fly all over the field but I'm not sure it would be the best fit.

The best fit in my mind is Bosa, as adding him to a group that includes the newly signed Malik Jackson and the return of Dante Fowler Jr. would give the Jaguars a massive shot in the arm along their defensive line. There are some issues surrounding Bosa but I don't see it as anything that will cause him to slide.

The bottom line is, the Jaguars need to continue to build their front 7 and with the way the board fell, it made it easy to select Bosa, I couldn't pick the phone up fast enough to call the pick in. CBS Sports sees him comparable with Jared Allen and that seems like a spot on comparison. If the Jaguars get anything close to a young Jared Allen in Bosa they'll leave the draft exceptionally happy.


Bosa should prove to be a great fit for the Jaguars. He has the flexibility to play either defensive end or outside linebacker, which could give Jacksonville some options with how they get the most out of the rookie. Bosa is not a true edge rusher, at least not at an elite level, but he is able to bull rush really well, and, if the coaching staff is willing to move him around, he can take advantages of matchups and get into the backfield. He feels somewhat similar to Jared Odrick, another Jaguars starting defensive end, in that he can move around the line and provide pressure from multiple areas. It's a good pick for the Jaguars.

Completed Draft Picks:

1 - Tennessee Titans - Phinaholic - Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss
2 - Cleveland Browns - xkar25 - DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon
3 - San Diego Chargers - Blaze453 - Jalen Ramsey, S, Florida State
4 - Dallas Cowboys - tapp35 - Myles Jack, LB, UCLA
5 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Agent J 78 - Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State

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