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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Phinsider community has Dallas looking defense with 4th pick

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With the fourth overall pick in the Phinsider Community Mock Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select...

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The Phinsider Community Mock Draft rolls along this afternoon with the Dallas Cowboys coming up with their selection. It seems odd at this point that there has not been a single quarterback selected in the first three spots, and that does not change with the fourth overall selection either.

The Cowboys can use some help all over the field this offseason, especially when it comes to their defense, which let them down last season. Blogging the Boys wrote after the season, "In recent years, the Cowboys have used free agency to fill needs to ensure that they could rely on the "best player available" approach in the draft, taking into consideration how draft prospects fit the schemes and existing talent on the roster. But this season, it already is clear that the needs are all over the roster." How will tapp35, who is serving as the front office for the Cowboys in our mock, start the Cowboys in their rebuild?

With the fourth overall pick in the Phinsider Community Mock Draft, tapp35 selects for the Dallas Cowboys Myles Jack, linebacker, UCLA.

I made this selection because Myles Jack can fill a position of need for the Cowboys and in my opinion is the best overall player left on the board. I have Jack instead of Bosa, Elliot or a QB because I don't think Bosa will be more than an 6-8 sack guy not an elite pass rusher, RB's don't have enough value to go 4th overall unless there name is Barry Sanders or Adrian Peterson, I don't see Elliot as that, and if the cowboys are planning to develop a QB behind Romo they should go with Paxton Lynch in the second round. Myles Jack is an elite playmaker who I see as a Derrick Brooks type player who can drop into coverage, go sideline to sideline making tackles and if needed rush the passer.


Jack makes a lot of sense for the Cowboys. They need to find someone to solidify their linebacker corps, and ultimately take charge of the defense. Sean Lee and Jack makes a good pairing, and it probably is the best place for Dallas to look with the fourth overall selection.

Completed Draft Picks:

1 - Tennessee Titans - Phinaholic - Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss
2 - Cleveland Browns - xkar25 - DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon
3 - San Diego Chargers - Blaze453 - Jalen Ramsey, S, Florida State
4 - Dallas Cowboys - tapp35 - Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

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