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Cornering The Market: Dolphins draft rumors could signal major secondary focus

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After Ignoring CB Position The Past Two Years, Team Serious About Upgrades This Time

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It is at once humerous and depressing when common folks like us, on the ground, can see things that are apparently invisible to the top brass in the proverbial ivory tower.

Last Summer, after the Dolphins ignored the secondary in the draft for the second consecutive year, we warned that Miami simply wasn't up to NFL standards at the cornerback position, and was headed for a painful 2015 season in the secondary.

After finishing with its worst record in nearly a decade, and the worst pass defense in the fifty year history of the franchise, the folks in the front office now apparently agree with what was obvious to us a long time ago -- that if the Dolphins want to be competetive in 2016, they're going to have to seek out replacements and reinforcements at cornerback whenever and wherever they can find them.

Indeed, Barry Jackson, of the Miami Herald reported this week that Miami has allocated a greater percentage of their league allotted visits with this year's draft entrants who play cornerback than any other position.

Per Jackson, the Dolphins have met with or scheduled workouts with the following corners who will be available in the draft two weeks from now:

-- University Of Houston's William Jackson III

-- Ohio State's Eli Apple

-- Baylor's Xavien Howard

-- Samford's James Bradberry

-- LSU's Rashard Robinson

-- FAU's Cre' Von LeBlanc

-- North Carolina Central's Ryan Smith

-- USC's Kevon Seymour

-- Mississippi State's Taveze Calhoun

-- Minnesota's Eric Murray

-- Temple's Tavon Young

-- Miami's Artie Burns and Tracy Howard

Your opinions and comments on any of the above named players is appreciated.