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2016 NFL Draft Prospect: Derrick Henry

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In the last five years, Alabama has produced 5 running backs that were selected in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft. Will Derrick Henry add to that tally?

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This year's Heisman Trophy winner, Derrick Henry, had a fantastic Pro Day to elevate him into first round consideration for the 2016 NFL Draft. While Henry ran the ball 395 times in 2015, he only had 11 catches as the Alabama scheme did not allow him to display his skills in the receiving game. However, those doubts were put to rest as he ran nice sharp and crisp routes and also showed his versatility by lining up as a wide receiver.


Derrick Henry only started in two games behind T.J. Yeldon in 2014, but became the feature back in 2015, running for an SEC record 2,210 rushing yards and 28 touchdowns.

For a big running back (6-3, 247 Lbs), he shows surprisingly light feet to run on the outside, and also possesses the vision and patience to allow for holes to open up on the inside. Henry's success will depend on the scheme he is put into and is definitely better suited to a zone blocking scheme where he can make one cut and then power downfield. Very powerful, Henry is also tough to slow down once he gets going and has excellent ball security.


Not many big running backs have found much success in the NFL, although many will point to comparisons with LaGarette Blount who has carved himself a niche in the NFL.

While Henry can get to the outside, he is not your typical east to west runner. His long legs and big frame are also not ideal as it prevents him from making defenders missing with shifty moves. He's already put up significant miles on the clock. How much is left in the tank?

Miami Dolphin Material?

New Miami Dolphins head coach, Adam Gase, has already professed his desire to focus more on the run game as he looks to take pressure away from fifth-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Unfortunately, the Dolphins swung and missed on many running backs in free agency, and ended up with a patchwork quilt of journeymen and has-beens. Don't discount the Dolphins looking towards the draft and, if they trade down into the latter part of the first round, Derrick Henry could become an interesting option for the franchise.

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