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Strikes & Gutters Week 1

It's time. Failure isn't the only option, but it's more likely than not.

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The desolate wasteland of the NFL off-season has finally presented us with a glowing light at the end of it's seemingly everlasting tunnel. Week one of the 2015-16 season is upon us at last. There are so many hopes and dreams of glory and greatness that have yet to be crushed like the delicate grapes they are. The Dolphins have gifted us with more hope than I can recall. A defense that looks terrifying up front. An offense with the most skill since the early 90's, and 4 or 5 legitimate fantasy options. 19th Century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche said best, "Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."

Most of us will fail. But as I like to say; if you are going to fail, fail all the way. I will give you the necessary tools to hopefully avoid such spectacular failures. The past two years have shown that I am a solid C student when it comes to predictions. My wife who is teacher informs me that C's are still passing grades these days. I will provide with you with 5 sure fire under the radar fantasy stars that will perform well each week and 5 players who are terrible and should be avoided at all costs. ON TO THE STRIKES!


Sam Bradford: Really, the entire Eagles offense is going to put on a show against Atlanta in the Georgia Dome on Monday night. I like Mathews and Agholor as well. Not to mention the running backs.

Markus Wheaton: I feel like the Thursday game will feature a lot of passing especially from the Steelers. The Patriots secondary looks vulnerable having lost both starting cornerbacks from their super bowl winning defense. Attention will be paid to Antonio Brown. Wheaton should show up.

Chris Ivory: A Jet? On offense? I know I was surprised too. But the matchup should be favorable and Ivory is all they have. What are they going to do have Ryan Fitzpatrick throw at Joe Haden all day? I doubt it...

Charles Johnson: Not sure if you noticed the offseason the 49ers had, but all their good players on defense retired. I can't name any of their cornerbacks. Bridgewater has a big boy crush on Charles Johnson. I bet he gets into the end zone.

Courtesy Dolphin Start of the week, Ryan Tannehill: It's time for Ryan to step up. His preseason has been amazing. The offensive weapons are tailored for his talents. I expect nothing less than a stellar performance on the road on Sunday. I only wish I had drafted him on my team.


Alfred Blue: The Texans love to run the ball because their QBs are terrible. The Chiefs have a very good defense. I expect Blue to see the ball a lot and gain very little ground.

Sammy Watkins: I think Vontae Davis locks down Watkins in this one. Don't expect Tyrod Taylor to beat the Colts with his arm in this one.

Mark Ingram: I actually really like Ingram this year. Just not in this matchup. I feel like Spiller sees most of the action.

Carlos Hyde: Do you remember how I said the 49ers had all of their best players on Defense retire? Well a good portion of their best offensive linemen are no longer with the team either, and I really like the Vikings Defense. Going to be a long day for them on Sunday I fear. Stay away.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Not sure how in-depth I have to go here. The figure below accurately captures the Jags football team this season.

That should do it.

Courtesy Dolphin Sit of the Week, Devante Parker: I love the player. Love the talent. But I doubt he sees a ton of action in week one. keep him stashed for now if you have him.

There you have it folks. 10 predictions. 7 of which should be spot on. But which 7? Oooooh hooo, that's where the fun lies! I am so glad the season is finally here. I scooped up Juice Landry on my fantasy team this year, it's the first year I have been confident and excited about having a Dolphins player in I don't know how long. Go Phins. best of luck to most of you. Should be a hell of a ride.

Well, dude, sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.