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Jamar Taylor a 'huge bust' for Dolphins?

Despite really playing well in the Preseason, apparently Jamar Taylor is a "huge bust" for the Miami Dolphins.

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The Miami Dolphins are preparing for their first regular season contest of 2015, a contest against the Washington Redskins this Sunday. In their preparation, the Dolphins released their first depth chart of the season on Tuesday, a depth chart that included Brice McCain listed on the first team among the cornerbacks, starting next to Brent Grimes. That pushes Jamar Taylor to the second team, a spot that likely still means he is a primary contributor, playing in nickel formations, a role that likely means he will be starting in several games.

That apparently does not actually mean anything to some people:

Taylor is a huge bust for the Dolphins? The player who only allowed one reception on five targets in the Preseason, playing 37 snaps? The player who allowed six yards gained? The player who in five targets, intercepted one of them? The player who, among all cornerbacks to play in the Preseason, was ranked 47th by Pro Football Focus, earning a +1.5 grade, just 114 spots better than McCain, who was graded with a -0.7.

That Taylor is a huge bust?

Or is Taylor dealing with an injury, and missed playing time because of it, so McCain passed him as Taylor continues to recover from the injury? Or is Taylor the player who will likely be playing on the outside as soon as teams go into three wide receiver sets?

Taylor may not be the greatest cornerback to ever play the game, but he is developing into a solid player. Entering his third year, this is the season in which the former second round draft pick should be stepping into his game. He appeared to be doing that in training camp and the Preseason, looking like the right choice to play opposite Grimes. Injuries again grabbed him, however, as a quadriceps injury sidelined him, letting McCain, who also was having a good camp, to overtake Taylor.

Injuries are always a concern when it comes to the Boise State product, but Taylor was looking like the player Miami needs him to be before the leg cause him problems, and calling him a "huge bust" is simply not knowing what is actually happening in South Florida. If he is never able to get on the field because of injuries, maybe Silva will be right, but basing the declaration of a bust based on the piece of paper showing a depth chart is simply not correct.