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Dolphins practice squad 2015: Team confirms eight of ten spots

The Miami Dolphins have announced the signing of eight of the allotted ten practice squad spots.

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins began signing their ten man practice squad today, adding eight players. All eight of the players were members of the team during the Preseason, returning to the club to continue to develop and, hopefully, work their way up to the 53-man roster.

The first eight players on the practice squad for the Dolphins are:

McLeod Bethel-Thompson, quarterback
Sam Brenner, center
Deandre Coleman, defensive tackle
Mike Hull, linebacker
Tim Semisch, tight end
Jake Stoneburner, tight end
Cedric Thompson, safety
Aundrey Walker, tackle

Practice squad players are paid a minimum of $6,600 per week in 2015. Teams can elect to pay more to a player, usually used when a player is in demand from another club, but the money has to be accounted for in the salary cap. The Dolphins have, reportedly, upped Brenner's practice squad salary to around $8,800 per week to make sure they were able to sign him, as he did have multiple offers.

The rest of the practice squad rules and eligibility can be found here.

The Dolphins could be looking at players released today to fill the last two spots, waiting for them to clear waivers tomorrow, or they could be waiting for a player to make a decision between multiple teams. At some point, they will add the last two players and we will update the list.