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Miami Dolphins roster cuts 2015: Updating the roster with all the cuts; Confirmation by Dolphins of moves now included

We take the Miami Dolphins' roster as it stood on Thursday, and update it for the cuts being made on the way to the regular season 53-man roster.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have had a busy day releasing several players as the are working their way to the 53-man roster. In order to keep up with the changes, we bring you the Dolphins' roster as it was for Thursday's Preseason game, then marked off the players who have been released. Each player who has been released is linked to the article about their release as well, and you can also check out the full StoryStream by clicking on the link on the right.

Starting Roster: 75 players

Current Roster: 53 players

Confirmed by Dolphins: 22

Number Player Position
35 Aikens, Walt S
33 Ajayi, Jay RB
71 Albert, Branden T
87 Aultman, Damarr WR
16 Bethel-Thompson, McLeod QB
30 Bowman, Zack CB
65 Brenner, Sam C
84 Cameron, Jordan TE
62 Coleman, Deandre DT
4 Darr, Matt P
56 Davidson, James LB
29 Davis, Will CB
92 Denney, John LS
98 Dieke, Emmanuel DE
75 Douglas, Jamil G
78 Fede, Terrence DE
74 Fox, Jason T
96 Francis, A.J. DT
3 Franks, Andrew K
5 Freeman, Josh QB
23 Gillislee, Mike RB
21 Grimes, Brent CB
7 Hamilton, Cobi WR
61 Hawkins, Donald OL
83 Hazel, Matt WR
46 Hewitt, Neville LB
45 Hull, Mike LB
70 James, Ja'Wuan T
27 James, LaMike RB
53 Jenkins, Jelani LB
85 Jennings, Greg WR
76 Johnson, Anthony DT
1 Jones, Christion WR
38 Jones, Don S
20 Jones, Reshad S
44 Kovacs, Jordan S
14 Landry, Jarvis WR
69 Liedtke, Michael OL
72 Linkenbach, Jeff OL
36 Lippett, Tony CB
48 Luc, Jeff LB
18 Matthews, Rishard WR
28 McCain, Bobby CB
24 McCain, Brice CB
58 McCain, Chris LB
66 McClendon, Jacques OL
26 Miller, Lamar RB
55 Misi, Koa LB
90 Mitchell, Earl DT
8 Moore, Matt QB
94 Mosley, C.J. DT
11 Parker, DeVante WR
42 Paysinger, Spencer LB
97 Phillips, Jordan DT
51 Pouncey, Mike C
82 Semisch, Tim TE
79 Shelby, Derrick DE
52 Sheppard, Kelvin LB
80 Sims, Dion TE
10 Stills, Kenny WR
86 Stoneburner, Jake TE
9 Sturgis, Caleb K
93 Suh, Ndamukong DT
17 Tannehill, Ryan QB
22 Taylor, Jamar CB
63 Thomas, Dallas G
31 Thomas, Michael S
41 Thompson, Cedric S
57 Tripp, Jordan LB
77 Turner, Billy G
50 Vernon, Olivier DE
49 Vigil, Zach LB
91 Wake, Cameron DE
60 Walker, Aundrey OL
34 Williams, Damien RB