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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Miami Dolphins tour of internet power rankings

The Miami Dolphins have tumbled from their high expectations prior to the season to a 1-2 record after three games in the NFL. How far have they fallen in Week 4 NFL Power Rankings? Time to see.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins were decimated by the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, with Buffalo leaving South Florida after claiming a 41-14 victory. Nothing worked for the Dolphins, whose mighty defense allowed Tyrod Taylor and Karlows Williams to do whatever they wanted, while the Miami offense struggled to run, pass, or protect. It was an ugly day all around if you were a member of the Dolphins or a fan of the team.

That ugly day should translate to a fall down the NFL Power Rankings this week - and there is not a lot of reason to argue that the team deserves a tumble toward the bottom of the league. We take a look at the carnage from around the internet today.

SB Nation
Rank: 25
Change: -3

The Bears are completely listless, the San Francisco 49ers are in freefall having given up 90 points in the past two weeks and the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins are in disarray.

Mile High Report
Rank: 21
Change: -3

No comments provided this week

Rank: 23
Change: -8

Ndamukong Suh isn't paying off yet. The Dolphins have allowed the second-most rushing yards this season and have generated pressure at a below-average rate.
Rank: 27
Change: -8

Another one of Week 3's brutal games. In the offseason, Miami shelled out more than $200 million on Ryan Tannehilland Ndamukong Suh. Here's the return on investment from Sunday: a 59.7 passer rating, zero impact plays and a 41-14 home loss.

Dear Fin fans,

We feel for you.


Power Rankings

MMQB - Fine 15
Rank: NR
Change: Were 19th last week

Peter King provides 15 teams in his "Fine 15" each week, followed by a list of the next five. Miami has fallen out of the top 20.

Yahoo! Sports
Rank: 20
Change: -6

You have any hope that they start playing hard for Joe Philbin? Me either. (Michigan)
Rank: 20
Change: -4

The Dolphins defense is giving up 50 more yards per game compared to last season. That's the danger of spending big in free agency.

Rank: 17
Change: -4

What an embarrassment this team has been to start the season. If Joe Philbin’s seat hasn’t heated up yet, there’s something wrong in Miami because all this team’s done since he took over is underachieve.

Rank: 16
Change: -1

Could the guy who replaced Tony Sparano get the same post-London treatment as the guy Sparano replaced last year?

Rank: 23
Change: Unknown

An ugly loss at home now has the Dolphins 1-2 and heading to London to face the Jets in a much needed win. If they don’t get things on track quickly, they may be staring at yet another 7-9 or 8-8 season which would probably lead to changes.

Bleacher Report
Rank: 21
Change: -4

When the Miami Dolphins gave defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh enough money to buy an entire fleet of South Beach yachts, it seemed like a safe assumption their defense would turn opposing quarterbacks into dust. Suh led his position with 57 total pressures in 2014, per Pro Football Focus, and he's been slotted alongside Cameron Wake, who posted 35 sacks over a 47-game span prior to this season.

Yet somehow through a bizarre magic trick that makes an entire unit disappear, the Dolphins have recorded only a single sack after three games. The latest dud came against the Buffalo Bills, during a 41-14 pulverizing loss, when quarterback Tyrod Taylor was allowed the comfort to complete 21 of his 29 pass attempts, and three of those completions went for touchdowns.

Washington Post
Rank: 21
Change: NC

Warren Buffett had better be careful about showing up to games with a jersey and shoulder pads. The Dolphins might be tempted to play him on defense the next time. How much worse could he be?

Average Rankings

Last Week: 17
This Week: 20