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Bills at Dolphins predictions of final score

We take a shot at predicting Sunday's final score between the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills, and give you a chance to make your prediction as well.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL season has moved on to Week 3 for 2015, and the Miami Dolphins head home for the first time this season, hosting the Buffalo Bills in an AFC East showdown. Things are not going exactly how anyone expected for the Dolphins - or the Bills for that matter - with Miami looking to finally get off to a fast start in a game for the first time and to find and keep their rhythm throughout the 60 minute contest.

We asked several of the Phinsider contributors to provide us with a prediction of the game, which you will find below. You will also have your chance to make a prediction using the widget at the end of the story. Make sure you put in an entry. SB Nation is tracking how well each team's blog predicts their scores throughout the season, with all of the managing editors hoping to gain bragging rights.

Here are the predictions:

Brian "Turtle" Naidus: Bills 27, Dolphins 24

We all know who I'll be rooting for Sunday, but judging by Miami's past two weeks, I am not exactly confident in this game. Buffalo has been a thorn in Miami's side as of late and right now the Bills are playing with more confidence than the Dolphins, and also being better coached. Miami has a huge opportunity in Week 3 to get back to a winning record, a 1-0 division start and make a big statement at home. For now, the Bills are playing like a much better football team. Until Miami can prove they are not a soft football team, I have got to give the edge to the team playing better football.

James McKinney: Bills 14, Dolphins 17

I think the Dolphins finally pull out of their funk this weekend. While I am not super confident in this weeks game after what we have seen during the first two games I think the Phins pull it together enough this week to narrowly pull out the victory. In the NFL the team with the better quarterback wins more often than not and that should make Miami the favorite this week if only by a hair.

Chris Early: Bills 17, Dolphins 20

The Dolphins beat the Bills last season with an arguable worse offensive line than what they have this season. Cameron and Miller practiced on a limited basis but if they can play, Miami has weapons. The defense will turn it around as Tyrod Taylor comes back to earth. It will be close because it's a division matchup, but the Dolphins find a way to pull this out in the end. #DVP gets introduced to the world.

jamesradio: Bills 31, Dolphins 17

Urghhhh... Here we go again. The coaching is poor. The defense while talented has no spine. The offensive line issues weren't addressed. If this team reaches 8 wins I will be shocked.

KDog92: Bills 21, Dolphins 24

Against all odds, I will always pick the Dolphins. Yes, a lot of things went wrong last week but I'm not throwing the towel in yet. This is gonig to be a big division game and I feel like the team is going to be very angry entering this game. Expect the season to turn around after this weekend.

Kevin Nogle: Bills 10, Dolphins 17

This should be a hard fought game, and it should be the first game Miami should have to fight to win. It's an AFC east showdown, from a team that always gives the Dolphins problems, and it is not like Rex Ryan is not familiar with Miami. In the end, I will give Miami the slight nod because it is in Miami.

Your Prediction: