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Week 2: AFC East Review

This week the Miami Dolphins took on the Jacksonville Jaguars. We bring you a review that game, as well as all the other games that took place in the AFC East over the weekend.

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No words can describe the disappointment Miami fans are feeling up and down the country, with a gut-wrenching loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Lets check out that game, as well as the other games from across the AFC East.

New England Patriots 40 - 32 Buffalo Bills

Three touchdowns and 466 yards from Tom Brady, the second most of his career, was enough to see off the Buffalo Bills over the weekend. The Bills rallied in the fourth quarter, putting 19 points on the board by coming back from a 37-13 deficit, before New England's kicker Stephen Gostkowski nailed a 25-yard field goal through the posts with just over a minute to spare.

Brady is now 24-3 against the Buffalo Bills.

Miami Dolphins 20-23 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Miami Dolphins suffered their first loss of the season in their week 2 matchup against their neighbors, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Joe Philbin spoke before the game about how the Dolphins needed a fast start, but it was the Jaguars who started red hot, scoring 2 touchdowns and putting 20 points on the board by halftime.

The Dolphins rallied in the second half, with Jake Stoneburner catching his first career NFL pass for a touchdown.

Disappointingly for the Dolphins, Olivier Vernon gave away a 15-yard penalty late in the fourth quarter, gifting the game away to Jacksonville. In fact, the Dolphins gave away 13 penalties during the contest.

Back to the drawing board for the Dolphins.

New York Jets 20 - 7 Indianapolis Colts

The New York Jets continued their good form with a 20 - 7 win over the Indianapolis Colts.  Ryan Fitzpatrick threw two touchdowns, and the defense came away with five turnovers on the night. Andrew Luck did give the Colts hope in the fourth quarter with a touchdown pass to Donte Moncrief. However Fitzpatrick put the game beyond doubt with a nice 15-yard touchdown pass to former Miami Dolphins Brandon Marshall.   This is the first time in four seasons that the New York Jets have gone 2-0, while the Colts are now 0-2.

The AFC East is getting interesting....

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter@AlexParish89.