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Turtle's 2015-16 NFL Predictions

Another year... which means another year to embarrass myself a year from now.

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The National Football League kicks off tonight, boys and girls. Below is my projected NFL predictions for the 2015-16 season.

For a more detailed prediction of how I think the Miami Dolphins 2015 campaign will play out, including the best and worst case scenarios, click here.

AFCN Ravens 12-4 (2)
AFCE Patriots 10-6 (4)
AFCS Colts 13-3 (1)
AFCW Broncos 10-6 (3)
WC Dolphins 10-6 (5)
WC Steelers 10-6 (6)
NFCN Packers 13-3 (1)
NFCE Eagles 11-5 (2)
NFCS Falcons 11-5 (3)
NFCW Seahawks 11-5 (4)
WC Lions 11-5 (5)
WC Vikings 10-6 (6)





SB50 Green Bay 38, Baltimore 31

MVP Aaron Rodgers
OPOY Adrian Peterson
OROY Amari Cooper
DROY Stephone Anthony

My predictions showcase a pretty good showing for Miami, depending on what your expectations are for the team.

The AFC is led by Indianapolis who cake walk in their soft division and once again lock up a playoff spot as early as Week 13. The AFC North may be the division to watch as Pittsburgh and Baltimore go back and forth all year. Cincy and Cleveland shouldn't compete with these two teams this year, and I see both the Steelers and the Ravens getting to the postseason. The AFC East is also interesting, as I think Miami will be gunning for the division all year. Unfortunately, I think a pissed off Tom Brady still gets the edge in the regular season. The AFC West shows Denver holding off the other three teams in the division; 10 wins is enough to win the West.

In the NFC, Aaron Rodgers misses Jordy Nelson for about 3 drives during Week 1, and then he moves on to his other receivers and never looks back. The NFC North however will be competitive and hold BOTH wildcard spots, as the Lions and Vikings slip in. The NFC East is a three team race, and the Giants surprise a handful of people by being alot better than people than think. Philly gets the division though, along with an 11-5 record and a first round bye. The Falcons will reign supreme in the NFC South, which is better than last year, but still pretty bad overall. I think Tampa Bay surprises a few people and doesn't finish last in the NFC South this year. Finally the Seahawks get beat up by the defenses of the NFC West, but still come out on top.

The Wildcard weekend is a wild one as THREE of the four road teams walk out with wins. The Patriots may win the AFC East but Miami will get the last laugh. Miami knocks off New England at Foxboro and wins their first playoff game in 15 years, while Pittsburgh advances by beating up the Broncos at Mile High. In the NFC, the Vikings edge the Falcons to give Teddy Bridgewater his first playoff win, while Seattle is the only home team to win in this round, with the Hawks beating Detroit at home.

The AFC Divisional games will be two of the best match-ups all year, as Indy and Baltimore both advance over Pittsburgh and Miami respectively, both by a field goal a piece. Green Bay will have their way versus Minnesota and Philly will win a tight one versus Seattle by wearing down that defense.

In the Championship round I see Baltimore beating up on Luck and the Colts by a touchdown, while Green Bay and Philly light up the scoreboard in a shootout. I have Green Bay coming on top and putting last year's NFC Championship debacle behind them. Finally, I predict Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium will feature the Green Bay Packers versus the Baltimore Ravens with Green Bay coming out on top, 38-31.

Sound off below with your Playoff/Super Bowl picks.. as well as any other bold predictions you may have!