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NFL Power Rankings 2015: Dolphins rankings across the internet

The 2015 NFL regular season is almost here. Let's take a tour around the internet with what people are saying about the Miami Dolphins.

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Preseason is almost complete, with one game remaining for every team prior to the start of the games that actually matter. How will the regular season play out? Of course no one knows, but that does not mean we will not spending the next week - and throughout the season - predicting, speculating, grading, and ranking everything done by every team. Rankings are starting already, with several major news outlets releasing updated Power Rankings for the league.

How are the Miami Dolphins looking in those power rankings? We take a look at some of the internet's thoughts on the Dolphins this afternoon.

CBS Sports (Pat Kirwan, September 1)
Rank: 13

There is excitement and momentum in South Florida but there's also a lot of pressure on the head coach to win now. Ryan Tannehill was paid the big bucks, but is he ready to take down the Patriots and hold off the Bills and Jets with their outstanding defenses?

ESPN Football Power Index (August 31)
Rank: 11

Predicted Offensive Rank: 16; Predicted Defensive Rank: 8; Predicted Special Teams Rank: 22

Bleacher Report(Sean Tomlinson, August 31)
Rank: 16

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a sparkling showing once again, this time against the Atlanta Falcons when he completed 78.9 percent of his passes. Overall this preseason 80.5 percent of Tannehill's 41 attempts have successfully found the desired destination. But there's still concern ahead that emerged for Tannehill, and it's coming from Branden Albert's knee.

Fox Sports(Dan Schneier, August 26)
Rank: 7

The Dolphins have put together one of the strongest rosters on paper after adding Ndamukong Suh. He has the ability to change a defense himself. They also restocked Ryan Tannehill’s arsenal with an array of talented skill position players. The consistently questionable coaching decisions of head coach Joe Philbin and injuries are the only factors that can hold back the Dolphins from making a run at the NFC East.

NumberFire(September 1)
Rank: 12

NumberFire calculates their team rankings based on the point differential they would expect to see from a team over the "league average" team. The Dolphins project to win by 1.79 points over the average team.

Cover32(September 1)
Rank: 12

If it weren’t for Joe Philbin, I might be calling the Dolphins this year’s "secret contenders." Unfortunately, for the Dolphins and fans of football, Philbin still is the coach, and I’m sure he’ll find a way to derail the most talented team Miami has seen in decades.

Dolphins Average: 11.8

The Dolphins' average seems about right to me. This team should be climbing up into the top group of teams, and knocking on the top ten makes it seem like they are doing just that. The games that actually count have not started yet, so the Dolphins could quickly move up or down the list depending on how they come out the gate, and how the other 31 teams look to start the season as well.