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Dolphins Training Camp Stock Watch - August 8th

As the Miami Dolphins take a break from practice today, lets take a quick look at who’s performing, and who isn’t, during training camp so far.

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The Miami Dolphins having been practicing for just over a week, and already the storylines are starting to take shape.  So here's the question: who's performing, and who isn't?  We bring you all the latest news here.

Stock Up

Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle

The Dolphins made a splash this offseason when they inked the behemoth defensive tackle to a 6 year $114 million deal, and already the player is beginning to make waves.  On Friday Suh made minced meat out of guard Billy Turner on two key plays of the day.  On the first play, Suh literally ran through Turner to take down Lamar Miller for a loss, while on the second Suh this time swiveled past Turner to sack Ryan Tannehill.  This offensive line is either absolutely terrible, or Suh is just that good.  Maybe it's a bit of both.

The two McCain's - Brice and Bobby, Cornerback

Veteran Brice McCain has been making some noise this past week.  Originally projected to take the starting nickel cornerback position, Brice is pushing Jamar Taylor hard for the starting cornerback spot, opposite Brent Grimes. While only 5-9, Brice has been making play after play and shows the aggression Miami need when covering wide receivers. But lets not forget the rookie, Bobby McCain. On Friday he made an interception in the end zone from Tannehill. Similar to Brice, he also stands at only 5-9, but is starting to become a lock for the final 53-man roster and could see some playing time as the season wears on.

Ryan Tannehill, Quarterback

Tannehill had a solid day on Friday, completing 11 of 17 passes for 102 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. While there is clearly some room for improvement, the young quarterback is starting to show the leadership and poise needed to succeed at the position.  He's been pretty accurate during training camp so far, and now has a stable of wide receivers that should play to his strengths.  If Tannehill has a good year, so do the Dolphins.

Stock Down

Billy Turner, Guard

The coaches have been talking up the "healthy" competition at the guard position all offseason, but so far it looks as though the offensive line still has some way to go before the regular season.  While the offensive line was severely depleted on Friday against a stellar defensive line, Billy Turner kept on giving up plays.  It's tough to go against, what is perhaps, the best defensive line in the NFL right now, but Turner needs to become tougher and smarter.

Jay Ajayi, Running Back

Many observers thought Jay Ajayi would make a nice one, two punch alongside starting running back, Lamar Miller.  However Dolphins VP Mike Tannenbaum has been talking to the media this week, saying Ajayi must improve his pass protection before he can even see the field. That means Ajayi is behind Damien Williams and LaMichael James in the pecking order, and faces an uphill battle to beat both of them.  However, he should still make the final 53-man roster as he simply has too much talent when carrying the football.

DeVante Parker, Wide Receiver

This may be a little unfair on the rookie wide receiver, but replacing the screw into his foot may slow Parker down this season.  Greg Jennings, Jarvis Landry and Rishard Matthews have made impressive starts this training camp.  Matthews in particular has been starting at the flanker wide receiver position, and has been coming up with the goods by making touchdown after touchdown. Parker told the media recently he's not sure he'll be ready for the preseason games.  If that's the case, then he could miss the season's opener, too.

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter@AlexParish89.