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Ryan Tannehill poised for breakout season according to Jon Gruden


ESPN's Jon Gruden sees Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill as the league's next breakout quarterback. Miami's fourth-year quarterback comes into the 2015 season having thrown for over 4,000 yards last year, the only Dolphins quarterback not named Dan Marino to reach the milestone. The team completely overhauled the wide receiver corps in the offseason, bringing in players who seem to compliment Tannehill's strengths.

In each of his first three seasons, Tannehill's performance has gotten better, including constantly rising quarterback ratings, passing yards, touchdowns, and completion percentage. He finished last season with a 92.8 passer rating, and a 27-to-12 touchdown to interception ratio.

Tannehill used his legs more in the 2014 season than he had the previous couple of years, gaining an additional 311 yards on 56 carries. For his career, Tannehill has a 5.2 yards per carry average along with four rushing touchdowns.

Will Tannehill be able to put it all together and end Miami's six-year Playoff drought?