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If You Could Steal One Falcons Player, Who Would It Be?

If you could choose one player from the Atlanta Falcons, and put him in a Dolphins uniform, who would it be?

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Dolphins will play against the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, we have decided to ask the Phinsider nation which Falcon player you would kidnap, tie up, throw in a cage, and force him to play for the Dolphins.

There are quite a few players to choose from. Would you replace Ryan Tannehill with Matt Ryan (please don't)? How about adding Julio Jones to the receiving unit? Or how about bringing Paul Soliai back to Miami?

Although we are good at wide receiver, I would steal Julio Jones. Jones is such a dominant receiver and is too good to pass up on. Can you imagine the passing attack we would have if Jones was a Dolphin?

Please feel free to share your choice below. Right now I am throwing Jones in the trunk and driving off into the sunset. Your choice might be different.