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Thursday night live thread (aka Phinsider Radio canceled)

Phinsider Radio will not air this evening. Instead, enjoy a live thread!

Phinsider Radio will not air tonight (stupid work!). Instead, we present you this evening's random live thread.

What's a live thread, you ask? Well, Phinsider random live threads are exactly that: a live chat about any random topics. We try to keep discussions on topic during our daily live threads, but random live threads are totally freewheeling, completely open to whatever you want to discuss ... within reason, of course. Keep the discussion pretty well PG. No questionable pictures. No political or religious talk. All that kind of stuff. Otherwise, have fun and talk about whatever you want.

This is normally James' gig, so we're happy to fill in for him while he's away, and we want to wish him a speedy, complete recovery from his recent procedure. James is an important part of the Phinsider community, and we can't wait for him to return.

Phinsider Radio will return next week. However, we're looking for a new night to host the show (Thursdays aren't cutting it, as you can probably tell). We'll post a poll tomorrow and let the community vote on the day it most wants its Phinsider Radio. Until then, enjoy your evening and this thread.