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Daniel Tosh sets target on Nick Saban; 'Reads' unauthorized biography

Miami Dolphins fan Daniel Tosh goes after former Dolphins head coach Nick Saban in this "review" of the unauthorized biography of the coach.

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Nick Saban, a man who will be forever despised in South Florida, has had an "unauthorized" biography written about his life as a football coach. While the book focuses on his time as the Alabama head coach, it does have some significant coverage of Saban's brief stint as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

The book, entitled "Saban: The Making of a Coach," was not exactly approved of by Saban. "I just want everybody to know that I'm opposed to an unauthorized biography -- for anybody," Saban recently told reporters. "All right, and I think that's some person that you don't even know trying to profit by your story or someone else's story." Of course, this is the same man who said he would not be the head coach at Alabama, so how much is what he says really worth?

Enter Dolphins fan Daniel Tosh. Tosh, who hosts Comedy Central's Tosh.O, debuted his new season on Tuesday night, and featured the new book in the middle of it. Let's just say Tosh did not exactly pull any punches as he "read" the book to a bunch of children.